We all Wanna see a Few Rainbows

Rainbows are a rarity, they are not very common and it takes a good eye to see a faded one. Usually we see rainbows when it's raining while the sun is shining, the rainbow is created by the sun reflecting of the droplets of rain or the remaining moisture after a rain when the sun peeks out. Well today was different. Why? Because my husband and I saw a rainbow...but no rain to show for it. Yes that's right my friends, there was a rainbow in the sky today and it never rained a drop.

My husband and I went fishing today (for the second day in a row.) My wonderful Mommy offered to keep Dillon with her so that we didn't have to drag him out into the tick infested forests with us so we let him stay. We proceeded to fish the local ponds and lakes and I was very short on luck (hehe). I didn't reel in a single fish but the hubs caught a rock bass and managed to get two or three more to the bank before they got off. Oh then he caught a small bass in my Pappaw's pond too. But me, I caught nothing, nil, nada..but I had sooo much fun spending some quality time with the hubby! Reminded me of the old days when we were dating and engaged and used to go and fish with Dad a lot.

But anyways, back to the point. We had stopped at our last fishing hole for the day and I cast out a few times and had no luck so I just put up the pole and got out my camera and was taking snapshots of things I could find. Then Jon hollers "Momma!" and I went down to where he stood and he said look in the water, so I'm looking for like a fish or something and he's like do you see that rainbow?! I was like where?! And he pointed it out in the sky and I was flabbergasted! I'm like how is there a rainbow, it hasn't even rained?! But needless to say I didn't care how there was one but that there indeed was one. So I snapped three pictures, each similar but different in their own way. I couldn't bring myself to choose only one so I kept all three and edited them in lightroom. I am including them in this post so look very closely across the white of the picture and you will see the rainbow which made my day today!

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