Daddy's Day

Well we've been through Momma's Day and now it's time to give Dad the recognition he deserves. So yesterday when we took a late evening stroll I took some pictures of "the big guy" with is little guy MAN. We took a walk down to the levee and sat and threw in rocks and enjoyed the peaceful stillness of the woods and the water. This is Jon's second Father's Day since our son's birth and I wish I could give him his every desire...but gifts mean nothing to a Momma or Daddy on their special day more than the blessing(s) that gave them the titles to be able to celebrate these days.

My husband and I are by NO MEANS perfect parents because we have our moments and tempers and short fuses but in the end we do try our best to provide for our son and take care of him the best we know how and that makes us pretty good, but not perfect. In each Mother and Wife's own eyes she always gives the "World's Greatest Dad" title to two people; her own Father and her husband. Others may not condone or agree with that but to the individual it falls nothing short of being the "greatest". I love Jon with all my heart and think he is a great father. He is so kind and gentle with Dillon for a man who is usually blood, sweat and spit :) Dillon brings out his soft side and has him wrapped around his little finger.

And it's no secret Dillon has me wrapped. They both do to be honest. I would do anything for either of them and sacrifice anything for them to be happy. All that matters in the end is that we are family and that we lean on each other for support and strength and I am blessed to have both of them apart of my life. So I am going to write a letter to the man of my dreams, the Daddy to my son, the keeper of my heart:

Dear Jon:
For nearly the past 7 years I have had the pleasure of getting to know you on the deepest levels. I have found your happy side, sad side and definitely the angry side ;). We have treaded through thick and thin, high and low waters and have always made it out stronger on the other side. We started dating at 14 which seems like only yesterday and time has certainly flown. There's times I wish I could slow things down or pause it completley, times of pure joy and absolute happiness. Looks on your face, words you have said, jestures you have made that meant more than anything in this world to me. But nothing will ever compare to that late fall night on December 7th, the night our whole world got turned around, our priorities changed immediately and we found a whole new definition for the phrase "love you with all my heart". The night our son came into this world was the night my heart was completed, my prayers answered. I will never, in my whole journey on this earth, ever find anything that could mean so much to me than that feeling I felt that day. To watch you with your newborn son, I saw a whole new man. Your mood was care-free and your face was filled with such an emotion of pure and unaltered joy that I couldn't help but almost break down and cry. I always thought that giving birth to a child HAD to mean more to the mother than the father, because she carried and nourished the child for nearly 40 weeks. I was wrong. The bond between a mother and her newborn is strong but it's just as strong as the father's....I've come to see that one bond is no stronger than another, just differnt in it's makeup. It's been a year and a half since that little boy blessed our life with his presence and I see more and more of that "soft side" as time goes by. Your bond with your son is already strong so I have no doubts that you guys will have a very close and strong father and son relationship. I not only melt when I see you look at him like you would fight to the death for him but I melt when I see him look up at you as if to say, you're my hero, you're my everything. Any man can make a baby but it takes a REAL MAN to be a DADDY. And you are a wonderful one. The way you handle yourself around Dillon makes me so proud to say that you are my husband and my son's Daddy. My life has come a long way in just the past few years and I wouldn't trade one single minute or decision for anything else. What we've been through has molded me into the person I am today and being a Momma and Wife is my highest priority. We grew up and matured fast and responsibility and hardships have made us realize how hard life truly is and I will strive to instill good honest qualities into our son and I know you want the same. So I just want to take this time to say Thank You for being an awesome Daddy...and I LOVE YOU so much. You deserve all the things that you want in this life and if I could give them to you I would. Your son and I will always love you!
Love, Your Wife and Your Son,
Natalie and Dillon xoxoxo

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