Dear Dillon:

First off let me start by saying I love you and as your Mother I must be as mushy and ooey gooey as possible while you are still long enough to not care. Because I know that before long, you'll be even bigger than you already are and all these kissies and hugs and "girly stuff" will be refused by you at some point because you're a BOY. I dread that day, I dread you growing up period but-it must be done. So I am going to write you a letter, an attempt to show my love and utter admiration and adoration for you-even though I know that no matter how many words a dictionary and thesaurus provides, it couldn't explain me and my feelings enough.

Guess how much I love you...sorry but you couldn't because even the most infinite answer would fall short. With every ounce of life in me I am utterly astonished at how lucky your Daddy and I are to have a son as precious and perfect (in our eyes) as you.

I waited what seemed like an eternity to meet you my little man and went through so much to get to the finish line but I would do it all over again because you are the light of my life. You will never truly know how special you are. If every child knew and felt for themselves what their parents felt for them I think the world would be a better place because there just can't be anything stronger than a parent's love for their child. It's an unbreakable, do-anything-for, never regret, die-for kind of love, it's special and is totally different than even the love you feel for your spouse.

I want to protect you from all the awful things in this world and all of the mistreatment you may endure, but I can't be with you every day physically but you must know that you live in my heart just as I live in yours. I feel like a superhero when no one can give you comfort but me. When you're scared or fall down and scrape your knee-that's things only Momma can console. I feel so important when you want me and I feel so honored to know that you love me. When you look at me with your eyes filled with adoration, I know that I must be nothing but a good example for you. That doesn't mean I don't slip every once in a while, tempers get the best of us all, but I try my best to make your environment pure, clean and safe.

I wish I had all the innocence that you have right now baby boy, because the world is an ugly place at times. But also there are times when you look over the horizon at a pink and purple sunset, feel the wind blow past you and feel God's presence, see someone doing a good deed for his fellow man and think Oh God is so good and this Earth is a beautiful place. I want to give you more than your Father and I had, as every parent does. I want you to grow up slow and breathe in the everyday wonders, and I would ask for you to be a simple man. I want you to be good to everybody because no one person is better than another.

Money is the root of all evil, some say that's true and others are in denial of it's belief but it's a cold hard fact. Money can tear people apart if you let it. Someday you will understand when you get a jon and get paid for your time. Time away from your life and the things you love. Some jobs are more dangerous than others and a lot of times no one ever gets their 'dream jobs' so they just settle for what's available. I want you to chase your dreams, no matter how big. I don't want you to settle if it's not what you want. With hard work we can achieve anything and with God's help and strength you can climb any mountain.

Your Father and I will be here for you, your whole life and never when it's convenient for us-because like I said you come first. We will support you and help you in any ways we can to get you to where you want to go in this life. We will never turn our backs on you and hope that no matter what kind of bind you may be in, that you know you can come to us for help and tell us anything. I will help you do anything-and I will love you despite any imperfections and flaws you may have..but in my eyes you will always be perfect.

I could go on..and on..and on but time and space is short and I've been teary-eyed since I've started typing this. But inevitably you know that your Daddy and I love you with all our hearts and we want you to be always be happy and to always know we're here for you from now until forever to guide you through life. Baby boy you're growing up fast and I can't keep up but my arms are wide open and will stay outstretched for you to fall into if need be.

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