I'm A Big Kid Now!

So the other day (June 8th to be exact) I decided to turn my little boy's crib into a "big boy bed". The conversion wasn't that hard to do, but the conversion of my little baby boy into a little man tore me apart. He is 18 months old (as of June 7th) and I absolutely cannot believe that it has been a year and a half-18 months-525 days (exactly) since he's been born. I have found there is nothing more rewarding than watching your child grow and learn and love you with every ounce of their being. I am not a perfect Mother, I run low on patience and energy often but no matter what that little boy comes first in my life, before anything/anyone else. God gave him to me for me to be able to keep my sanity in this sometimes not-so-sane-world. Here is my monkey his first night and time in his big boy bed:

He did amazing although the start was rocky. We rearranged the layout of his room along with changing his bed and so it was like a whole new place to him, but he went to bed at 10 and awoke at 6 AM (and I'm not sure if it was him waking up or rolling off) but nonetheless he came to bed with Momma and Daddy and snuggled in the middle and slept until 7:30. He napped perfectly the next day for nearly 2 hours. I am proud of him, he is our little baby BIG BOY!!

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