will NOT be mistaken for being naive or gullible.
am not breakable so do as you wish.
will not tolerate immaturity.
am honest to those who respect me enough to be honest with me.
can see through even the thickest layers of sarcasm.
know who means what they say.
am finding out new things about the people I thought I knew the most.
am also finding out things I didn't know about myself.
have an extreme addiction to taking too many photos.
wasn't born yesterday.
will help those who help me.
am absolutely head-over-heels for my son and my husband.
have a weakness for chocolate.
have a big heart and open arms.
am very low-tolerance some days.
act like a fool with my very best friends.
will never put someone down for my happiness.
can forgive quickly if I find I am wrong.
love to watch movies late at night with my husband.
yearn for his big strong arms around me at the day's end.
quiver at the utter brilliance of a painted sunset.
am thankful that God has given me so much and I've done little to deserve it.
will try to live fully and laugh often.
can't turn my back on the one's who need me most.
pray for my family and friends every night.
deserve happiness just like the next person.
really want to start reading my Bible with deep understanding.
realize that some people are down right mean.
find comfort in a gentle hug and wet kiss from my son.
will never need any one's approval but my own.
speak my mind..(often).
won't let anyone get the best of me.
raise my son as best I can & better than some. Hank III
can look into a person's eyes and read them almost instantly.
however do not judge people by first glance.
am pretty crafty and learn fast.
wish I had more time to read but time is a rare and cherished things nowadays.
am in the midst of potty training an 18 month old who has successfully used his potty 4 times now.
always take my time with things.
take breaks, put things off procrastinate A LOT.
am not nor ever will be perfect.
can, however, be satisfied.
support my husband in every decision he has/is/will make.
would love to be an "early morning runner" but have never found the motivation.
find many flaws in my appearance some days and others am completely satisfied with myself.
can be a clean freak one day and a slob the very next.
have a very altered mood and my husband knows it better than anyone.
appreciate my husband loving me through all of that.
lay awake some nights worrying about bills, people and my baby.
take precautions in everything I do.
over pack for simple trips but always am glad I did later.
think that our government is totally insane.
can't understand why some things happen like they do.
make mistakes like everyone else but learn from them and move on.
never look back on the past..because grudges are the heaviest things to carry.
wish we had a lot of things we don't but am happy and satisfied with what we have.
will probably never be satisfied 100%.
miss some very special people who are in Heaven now.
never treat someone else better than another.
believe in equality.
think children are angels who walk among us.
wish that those sick twisted {insert foul language here} maniacs who harm children or ANYONE for that matter shouldn't be given a life-long stay in prison with free room and board...but have what they did to the victim done to them.
believes in an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.
laughs at utter stupidity sometimes.
pities it at others.
always look forward and never backwards.
love my parents for raising me right.
love to swim in ponds and lakes.
want to see New York or California someday.
don't keep up with the latest fads.
walk to the beat of my own drum.
try to take the path less traveled.
snort when I laugh sometimes.
(repeat) am sooo very random.
have three sisters whom I love dearly.
love to sing the gospel when I get the opportunity.
go through spells where I draw all the time.
get bored easily at times and waste sweet time on the computer some days.
will sign off now because life is calling my name.

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