Buying Our First Home

I never thought I'd have so many mixed emotions when it came down to the nitty gritty of buying a home. I guess since we had thought we were ready so many times before and wasn't quite there yet, which was disappointing but also relieving at the same time. I can't explain why, but we feel safe where we are, we know what we're capable of handling and we know that what we have is 'ours' and we can manage with what we have. But on the other hand we are short on space and ready to show some results from our hard work and perseverance over the last few years.

Starting out just like many young married couples we had no credit, zip, nada, zero. It has taken Three years to get to the point of having what is considered "good" credit nowadays. The economy is not the most stable and is most definitely not a seller's market but it is a buyer's market and interest rates are at an all-time low, so we thought it be best for us to take the plunge and start our slow but sure search for the perfect home for us.

In saying that, I will also admit that I'm terrified of it, I know that makes me sound silly or "weenie-ish" since there are hundreds or thousands who buy homes in America everyday, but we aren't "everyone else". This is a big responsibility and a life-altering decision which will stick with us for 30 years +/- so I kinda wanna be sure I want to sign my 'life' away. My husband is a rock, he's always there to talk me down from my highs and lows and fears and frustrations and I am totally in love with that trait he possesses. He takes my hand and rubs my face and says, don't be scared, whatever we do we do together. Assuring me that I am not alone!

Other than having his strong arms to hold and guide me through this crazy roller coaster I've come to call life I have support from close friends and family to guide me and tell me things they are more the wiser to. I know hardly anything nothing about first-time home buyer's loans, FHAs, brokering and so on. I may know the words but I've only just now started hearing them. I'm not familiar with them and I'm not even sure what will happen when we apply for the first time for a loan but my fingers are crossed and so many great people's are crossed with ours in hopes we can get something we've been waiting what seems like an eternity on.

We have went back and forth for months over whether we wanna stay here on our land and get another manufactured home or to move to a new property and a new home. We've wanted both at different times but I think we've settled into staying and having the freedom to choose exactly what home we want as far as customization goes. We think that we are going to end up getting a home from Ed's Manufactured homes if we get one, but Clayton's new models are breathtaking and will make your eyeballs scream with delight! :) I have scoured the internet looking through all the manufacturer's websites seeing all the possibilities that are available..and to me some of the homes have no visible difference from a new construction home! So it's very pleasing to the appreciation factor being good.

But what I was aiming for in this post was to let it be known that I am happy this is happening for us, but also scared and I thank the people in advance who are giving us and advice and supporting us through this major life decision and who is doing all they can to explain things and help us on our search and journey! Family and friends are truly awesome and I have no idea where I would be without them!

2 Lovely Reader(s) Said:

FootPrints said...

love this write up!! my emotions were EXACTLY the same!! i love being comfortable and the thought of NOT being comfortable terrified/terrifies me!

Natalie said...

EXACTLY! haha thats why i am thankful to know there are people out there who are telling me it's alright and that I'll be fine and who supports me! And Im so glad to know I'm not alone in these feelings! It really is nice to share common feelings and views on things with others...to know it's not just me :) Hope you have a blessed day!

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