Summer Fun Week:

What is this you may ask? Well if you head on over to the Simple as That blog you will see. Also, if you love photography and love to edit them as much as I do you can head on over to Florabella Actions and check out Shana's actions and textures for photoshop!

What's my favorite thing about summer? Everything but the unbearable heat that comes with it being green and sunny and colorful during this well-loved season. We spend all of winter begging to see the summer sun and it's magnificent and glorious when those first few warm days some along, where it's just warm enough to go out with just a light jacket or no jacket at all. Then over time it gets hotter and hotter...and hotter! Then we hang out around the A/C and iced tea until fall rolls around and we get a break. But other than the heat overdoing it, summer is a wonderful time of year and we tan, swim and barbecue as much as humanly possible! Oh and lets not forget we can take pictures OUTdoors which we all love to do so much!

So while I'm doing this Summer Fun post..I wanna include some of my favorite shots for this summer of 2010. Some are pictures of my family I've done and other's are personal favs I've had the pleasure of capturing. Enjoy!

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