Let the Collection Begin...

As if we weren't already a hoard house full of Toy Story themed stuff. It's gotten uncontrollable and down-right obsessive almost..but I can't help it. I am starting Dillon a collections of all the characters from the movie Toy Story..So far (as of today) he has Woody, Jessie and Mr. Potato Head. The Woody doll came from my sisters (and parents) for Dillon's first birthday. Mr. Potato Head came from my sister Brittany and her husband Clay just today and I picked up Jessie the cowgirl today when we went grocery shopping. Now all we've got to go is Buzz, Rex and Slinky Dog..and a few of the other characters here and there. My parents helped us collect things as a kid like the collectible McDonald's barbies and Hot Wheels and other popular things back then and still keep them for us. So we are doing the same for Dillon-I just chose a Disney movie that was popular with me and my husband during our childhood.

I have no idea what ever possessed me to get back into Toy Story...it was the middle of last year I know because I decided to do Dillon's party in Toy Story..and I covered the difficulty in finding themed stuff in a previous post so I won't go into detail on that again...but it was before I was even aware there was going to be a 3. I hope to add a fathead to the collection as well..and no I'm not making fun or name calling, a fathead is a movable wall graphic that is life sized to add to the decor theme of a bedroom or any other room of the house. Anyways I have attached some photos of our "mini-gang" so far and hope to have the collection complete soon!

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