My 19 Month Old Man*

So several days ago I took my little guy's "19 month" pictures. He turned 19 months on July 7th. I can't believe the changes he's made from one year to now let alone birth! He's growing like a weed and absorbing knowledge like a sponge. He's non-stop and full of energy..never content to just sit (unless you have Toy Story around) and he keeps me on my toes constantly. He is his father's son. He is mischevious and meddles in everything. He is very vocal, and very loud. He has a wide vocabulary and knows the first 4 letters of his ABC's as well as One, Two, Three. (Dr. Suess? I think not:) He can be as sweet as pie one minute and sour the next (like the Sour Patch Kids on Tv). He has selective hearing...he ignores me when I really want him to pay attention and hears me mostly only when I am saying "Nummies" (food) or Sippy (drink). He can have tantrums but they don't last long because I don't allow them. He can be selfish, greedy and a brat but I stop it. He is his own person and has his own personality. He is an independent boy who knows what he wants. He can play in mud and pick up bugs and say all the animal sounds. He is my little monkey and he makes my days brighter and my smiles bigger. ...He his ..MY SON and my husband and I devote our every breath and waking moment to him and his needs. Here is my little man as of current: Too adorably cute..

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