Let me start you out with my cutie, sitting on the kitchen countertop and wearing a 'hat' as he thought, really its a small bowl! How precious.

And (*gasps) I apologize for you haveing to see me in the morning withOUT makeup and frumpy hair and clothes. But there are few FEW times when my son is cooperative enought to even get a picture of he and I like this (him not even looking) so I took tihs opportunity while I had it! This will be the first and last time you see me without my face, I promise! :-)

5 Lovely Reader(s) Said:

Shari said...

hehehe Love the bowl hat!! Adorable!

Natalie said...

Thanks! He's such a ham!

Kara said...

haha.. he's so adorable!! Reminds me of Gunner, I swear they must be twins!

And for no makeup, um I think your hair looks great & you look pretty! :)

Natalie said...

aww kara! lol thank you .. I <3 ya frand! and yes, they are alike if gunner wears bowls on his head, bras around his neck and giant flip flops! He is a crazy child! lol

Sheri said...

My word, what are you? Like 12?! LOL Sigh...I used to hear that all of the time. You look wonderful without the makeup. And it's a great pic!

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