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We may stumble up on some bad luck in some areas, but we turn out being lucky in others. So here's the story about yesterday (8.17.10-I am always a day behind :) Anyways, my husband and father were driving down the road we reside on and what do they find? A meat salesman flagging them down in the road! Well, he's lost was the first thought..and they were right..but he also had a truck load of meat that came from Nashville, TN all the way to Hopkinsville, KY to a fine restaurant who had ordered the beef and chicken but then cancelled the order once he got there. That stinks, but not for us! He got lost trying to find his way back to the parkway and ended up in our neck of the woods and decided that he would go door-to-door trying to sell this all natural, non-steroidal 100% all beef for HALF of what he was going to sell them for, and what it was worth. So we got a $330 box of thick, fat juicy steaks, steak burgers, fillets, fillets wrapped in bacon and much more for only $150! Can we say BARGAIN!!!

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