Do You Flip?

Cause I do. Well my parents do technically. They just bought the UltraHD Flip Video camera today (thanks to me talking them into it) and I played with it all day and fell in love. Now I'm not "tester" and I'm not promoting anything for specific purposes but I gotta say if you're looking for compact, quality and convenience in a camcorder then you will find it in a Flip. It is simple to work with only three main buttons and easy to upload to your computer and has many features along with the recording capabilities. I will be borrowing this thing a LOT until we get one of our own...So if you're thinking about buying one and just wasn't sure if you wanted to or not, I recommend it...but like I've stated previously I'm no expert in any of the fields I write about and am not responsible if you were not to like something I did...but I'm just saying..to ME..its the bomb! :-D

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