In the Photo Friday!

Couldn't find the Button but if you go here to In the Photo Friday you can see more awesome stuff :]. This photo was taken by my husband. It was several weekends ago, I'm the one on the left and that's my sister in law on the right. I just thought it was a really funny shot that had me in it!

3 Lovely Reader(s) Said:

Ashley Sisk said...

Ha ha - that's funny. When other people take pictures of me, I'm always doing something goofy.

Natalie said...

Right! Those are the best photos sometimes~

Meredith said...

This is a great shot!

PS- I never made an "official" button (I had no idea how many people would be participating!), but you're welcome to just right click on the image of the badge and save/upload that way if you want!

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