Nothing Makes me Happier Than..

Than this boy...

..with this face,

When it smiles like this,

And is silly like this...

Makes him even more perfect to me

than he

already was ♥

3 Lovely Reader(s) Said:

Karli said...

Awww.. I seriously got goosebumps as I read along. The words and the pictures were PERFECT together. The last one sent me over the edge! *sniff, sniff* What a little sweetie! ♥

Ashley Sisk said...

I agree with my friend Karli - that was perfection.

Natalie said...

Thank you guys so much! He is just so special to me, really, words could never say enough! He lights up bad days and keeps me going! He is always happy, and very well mannered and talks more than any adult I know! (Just like his mother) You guys are really sweet and I love your feedback!

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