You Capture Summer

Oh how wonderful summer is. The sunshine, the warmth, swimming, running, playing and all sorts of other wondrous summer things! Watermelon, trampoline, BBQ, fireworks, flip flops, beach, vacation..I could go on and on. The photos above are the things that really shout summer to me, whether you can see that the photo was taken and could only be presented that way during summer or seeing that it obviously is summer by the shorts and t-shirts! Summer is awesome!

4 Lovely Reader(s) Said:

sdwaard said...

Beautiful shots! I love the tractor and the old barn. The joy on your son's face as he swings is just priceless.

Anonymous said...

I love country pictures! The barn, the tractor, the cloud--they are just perfect.


Life with Kaishon said...

Natalie! These pictures are AWESOME! I just LOVE them. You captured summer so well. Your family is very, very beautiful! : )

Natalie said...

THANK YOU ALL! I love living in the country,,and when i say "country" i mean the blacktop turns to gravel right past our house and that's the end of county maintenence. Its only about 6 houses out here, nothing before them for miles and nothing after for miles except woods, trails and open fields! It's really paradise! I love it.

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