Happiness IS...

Letting go of fears. This has always held me back in my life. I would take a step forward and two back as some would say. I like being comfortable, I mean, who doesn't like being in their comfort zone? Safe where nobody or no thing could get you!? Well it's time for me to move on from that hype, because I will live in fear no more. Life is too short for me to fear the unknown, to not do something I want just because I'm scared of the consequences. (Not anything dangerous or totally stupid that may cause bodily harm or emotional distress!) But things that I just 'won't' do simply because I'm used to it one way.

It's time to branch out, take action and make a choice and stick to it! I'm mostly referring to the fact that we've decided to try and buy a home. I've been terrified of that for years...we've looked, and looked, and then looked some more but really that's all we'd ever do is look and just stop. Well this time we broke down the barriers that held us back from taking that fearful step towards buying a home. Who knows, it may be a complete 'fail' and our application not be accepted..but I am ready for that..But also, we may get a call saying "you're approved!" and gasp! What next?!

A dear friend of mine had a conversation with me recently that changed my whole outlook on praying. She was asking me to pray for her and her husband because he is about to try and change jobs from a job he has worked at for nearly 13 years (talk about comfort zones) and she said "don't pray that he gets the job, pray that God's will be done and whatever supposed to happen, happens". .....WHAT?! Wow, have I been selfish all these years!? You may look at it differently and I totally am not one-sided but that got my mind to rolling...When I pray, instead of saying I pray that "I get" this or that "we get" that I should ask that whatever is supposed to happen, for the best outcome for all involved, happens. That made me feel so...different. Not like I was demanding something..but that I was graciously saying that I will humbly accept whatever decision is made or whatever turnout happens.

Fear will trip you up. Faith will help you walk tall and confidently. Friends catch you when you fall and boy am I lucky with some of the friends I have. The best and most dearest would be my husband, but other than him I have a select few I would trust with my life! That is very important to me, to have a friend so trustworthy and accepting! I love them all and would do anything for them! So overcoming fear isn't just an act of yourself, others stepping in help you conquer things and clear those hurdles as well. God-Husband/Son-Family-Friends. Happiness is....Me, right now. :-)
Happiness Is...

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Sheri said...

It's hard to know what's right isn't it? I suppose we have to do what's right for each of us personally. I work through prayers in both ways: "Thy will be done" and "If this could happen..." with some "please please please" dropped in for good measure.

So glad you are happy! Truly a blessing.

Natalie said...

Yes sheri! We have to do whats best for us in our given situation! I still do the please please please myself!! :-) but yes, its hard to know whats right and sometimes the right choice i plain as the nose on your face! Thanks for your input and fir reading! I love all my followers/friend's input and appreciate having you all!!

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