Sorry for my Absence!

Hi bloggy friends!

I apologize for my long absence from the blog scene lately. It's been a long week. Last Monday I woke up and felt like death warmed over...the whole week I was nauseous and didn't move from the couch...never went to see the doc because I had no fever and could still do a little...loss of appetite contributed to my loss of energy and I've just felt like I was covered in anxiety and stress! I know, sounds awful. But I've laid my faith and trust in the Lord that whatever this may be that with my patience and in due time things will get better! Speaking of being absent from blogger I've also been absent from Church for quite a while since the birth of my son..

I re-discovered the comfort and acceptance you can find in a church, unlike the harsh realities of real life..You mood is lightened and you feel more 'at home' when you are in God's house. This is just my beliefs and I was raised in a Christian family and in Church. I've taken God as my saviour and there is nothing like the mercy and forgiveness God gives us. He also gives us trials and tribulations as well to test our faith in Him as our Saviour and build endurance and strength spiritually and emotionally. I am not perfect, as none of us are, and I have my shortcomings and have made mistakes and have spoken too quickly and let anger get the best of me a lot of times in the past and recent times.

I am learning to humble myself and to forgive others as well as myself, for if we can't forgive ourselves how are we to forgive others? Let alone open our guarded hearts to let God in to forgive us. I was baptised at the age of 7, not knowing what this dip under the water meant at that time. This past Sunday..well yesterday, I re-dedicated myself to the Lord and was baptised along with 15 of my brothers and sisters. In the Christian faith baptism is laying your old self down (in another sense the old you "dies" and a new you arises from the water.) It is a public proclamation that you are following God and that you want to start anew. God does all things for a reason. We are tested to our wit's end but our faith should never weaken even if our body and mind does. I hope all of you know the love of Jesus Christ and know that He loves you and that you are His children!

God is so good! He gives us a sense of belonging and purpose on this Earth when our enemy tries to make us feel worthless and shunned. I am learning to love and accept all others, to realize that we are all raised differently and molded into different people by the Almighty. I hope that God gives me wisdom and strength and the guidance I need to become a better Mother, Wife, Daughter, Sister and Friend and to let by-gones be by-gones and focus on the now and not the then. If you've been feeling down and out or shaken and burdened, cast your cares upon the Lord, He hears you and your spoken word. Remember, he spoke this world into existence and if you ask, in all humbleness and sincerity, you shall receive. He never leaves us, we leave Him and he waits patiently for our return, for our cries and he is there next to us to guide us.

I hope this has spoken to any of you who have felt any of the things I've written about. I hope that God gives you strength, guidance and wisdom to understand the things you want to understand. Know that He is always there. Amen.

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