Winners of Shoot -N- Tell 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry I am a day behind everyone!! It's been a little hectic since I just started my business officially (Natalie Franklin Photography!) Anyways here are the winners of the Shoot -N- Tell Challenge #3-Bounce!

Loved the focus of this photo and the whole idea of it all!

The Franklins

2.Sheri at The Shades of Pink Blog

Love how she described this pictre as looking as if he was being abducted by an alien :-)

The Franklins

3.Tracey from Inspire Me Photography

Love the boots and umbrella and the whole "bounce" all together!

The Franklins

Congrats to the Top 3! Can't wait to see your next week's ENTRY!!

Now onto my favs a.k.a the Honorable Mentions!!!
Life is One Big Adventure!

Mandy from Sugar Bee Blog

Amy from The Happy Gnome Blog

Chelsey from The Paper Mama Blog!

The Franklins

3 Lovely Reader(s) Said:

Anonymous said...

NEEEEEEEVER thought I would win!!! Thanks! This is awesome! :-)

The other winners pics are awesome too! And actually more clear than my image! LOL. I need to work on capturing that sharpness! Thanks again!!!

Sheri said...

Oh so cool!!! I didn't see that one of the little one in the puddle, how sweet is that!

Jamie said...

wonderful photos - all of them

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