Big Families are Best!!

Random post, but I promise it's a nice one...especially for those of you who also belong to a great big family. The first photo is my Pappaw "J.H" (Jefferson Hanson) and like maybe a fourth of his great grandchildren!! Really, this is only a SMALL percentage of them. If they were all here you would need like 10 of these couches to hold them!! My Pappaw and Mammaw had 8 kids, then each of those had 2-4 of their own and then each of them 2-4 of their own..so yeah, in total he's got around 40 grand and great-grandchildren! We hope to eventually get ALL them together and get a huge family photo..but this day we worked with what we had...

Left to Right: Wesley Orange, Ethan Gray, Vincent Stanley, Pappaw JH, Destiny Caudill, Emily Gamble and she's holding Dillon Franklin!

Now this is some of the "grand"children. Notice we're all girls? The "grand" generation is made up 90% of girls, while the 'greats' are more boys..weird huh? Anyways left to Right: Amanda Gray, my Mammaw in the wheelchair, Brittany Stanley, Ashley Stanley, me out front in the brown shirt, Jessica Stanley, Pappaw JH, Brittany Mills, Shannon Caudill out in front in the green, Emily Gamble and Stephanie Orange!

Whew! And that's not all his 'grands' either. So you see..this family is huge. I remember being a kid during holidays and summer and this little house of my Pappaw's bursting at the seams with people all together for the holidays. This was the first time in years that it's happened and I was glad to see a lot of my family under one roof! I love big families...kids everywhere and always something to do. I am truly blessed.

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