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Oh. My. Gosh. Our house is so quiet right now you could (almost) hear a pin drop besides my husband playin his violent Xbox game :) We just dropped our son off with his Grandma (my husband's Mom) and came back home to get ready for our first date night in .. well..let's see..since May of this year when a friend kept him here overnight while we celebrated our 3rd anniversary! So it's been long awaited. I've got to say I am sad though. He cried as we closed the doors to her car and it broke my heart into millions of pieces and I pretty much cried. Sad, isn't it?

Anyways..our plans are to head north a state up to Indiana. We are hitting the big town of Evansville for a nice meal .. maybe Olive Garden or some other fancy "shamshy" (but delicious) restaurant up there. Then I'm definitely going shopping for a few new pairs of pants...my very LAST pair died yesterday sadly. I put them on getting ready to do my fall festival shoot I've been talking about and thank Heavens my youngest sister pointed out the HUGE gaping hole next to the back pocket! Would've been mortifying to have went and had a stranger notice! Haha. So I had to borrow a pair of my Mom's CAPRI pants..and I froze.

Lastly on the agenda if it doesn't get too late and the weather holds up we think we're going to go to the haunted houses there. The Courthouse Catacombs and the House of Lector are the main ones people go to in Evansville. I HATE being scared, I feel so vulnerable and really don't like the whole idea of even going but it's something my husband mentioned and wanted to do so I guess we will try and squeeze it in...(*whimper*) lol.

But I guess I'm off to get ready for all the festivities. We have to be back to pick up Dillon between 9:30 and 10. The haunted houses open at 7PM. So we gotta get a move on if we're going to get all the things we want to do --done! Have a great weekend and Please, if you are reading go enter the "Carving" Shoot -N- Tell Challenge happening this week!! Link is at the top of the blog along with the button! If the linky isn't working let me know..it's been acting weird for more than me lately! Toodles!~

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