Help a Sista Out!!

So I am SOOO excited to be nearing 100 followers! Like I'm all giddy and such! I am SOOO glad to have met ALL of you! And I mean all of you,, and totally appreciate your interest in me and my blog. You are all very interesting as well and serve as inspiration to me EVERY day! I look forward to the lovely comments and kindness you bring to my blog and I'm so happy to see people sharing a common passion (photography) just share what takes us to our 'happy' places and be able to see things through each other's eyes! It's SOO nice to see differences in how we see things and who we are through our photographs!

Anyways, you noticed my title was 'help a sista out!!' so onto what I need your help in. Have you ever entered in one of Hollie's photo challenges on Tuesdays over at the Perceptive Perspective blog? If not then remember she hosts a wonderful challenge with a new theme every Tuesday and you should check it out! Anyways right now she is holding a 'vote off' for all the weekly theme winner in September and one of my photos are om the FINALISTS! WOWZA! Excited. It was my "Hands" entry I made several posts back. Go HERE to see it! (It's the second photo of the hand pickin guitar.)

Anyways I NEED YOUR VOTE to win the overall month's winner if you have the time and I send a thousand thank you's in advance if you do so. Go to THIS LINK and scroll down to the bottom of the post and click on *vote* under my 'hands' entry thumbnail! Again thanks so much for your awesomeness and I am forever greatful! :-D

4 Lovely Reader(s) Said:

Amanda said...

I voted and it looks like you are in the lead by 5 votes!

Natalie said...

Well thank you very much! And wow! Thats great news!

Jamie said...

My vote is in - good luck.

Natalie said...

Thank you Jamie!

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