New Look! Same Great Me ;-)

So every once in a while I get the itch to do something different..something 'new'. But I've always stayed on the safe side, especially with my hair. I haven't dyed it or highlighted it...basically NO chemical processing for like..6 years now. Was getting haircuts once per year so my hair was always extremely long by the time I went for a 'new do.' But today I had a different urge, the urge for something new and exciting. So I got the cut I have always liked on others and always wanted to try on myself..the 'stack' cut. Ya know the one, it's longer in front then shorter and more layered and 'stacked' in back? Yeah that's the one. I love it! It didnt make my face look super oober huge at all! Plus, my hair feels so light and healthy again! Wanted to share as my Tuesday around the world!

5 Lovely Reader(s) Said:

Life with Kaishon said...

You look AMAZING Natalie! What a pretty haircut. Love. It! : )

Just be wary of that haircut that all the ladies get when they turn like 40! The Kate Gosslin look : ( ICK! : )

Ashley Sisk said...

I love this - very pretty!

Natalie said...

Oh you will never see me rockin the gosslin lol but i do like this cut and thank you both for the compliment!!!

Ashley said...

oooh I love it! It looks great on you. And congrats on almost reaching 100!

The Clip Cafe said...

Oh i love it! Had a trim yesterday but same old - i am too chicken to try something new.

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