Officially 100.

So as of yesterday I officially reached 100 Followers!! I am SO thankful for every friend I have made along the way. January of '11 will make one year since I started blogging! It has become an almost everyday thing for me and I enjoy it. From sharing photos and ideas and gaining wisdom and advice from all you fellow photographers! I thank you all for any words of advice you have given me because I have used every bit of it! I really wish I could contribute MORE to the blogging community, unfortunately I haven't even ventured into created my own actions and tutorials. Well I have a few listed on here .. and several recipes (because I LOVE to cook because I LOVE to eat:) so maybe some of you have taken some of that with you :-).

Anyways...again I thank all of you who have become a follower friend and I am so honored to say I have 100 of you as a friend! Hope you continue to enjoy my blog and stories and photography as much as I do yours! Trust me, I do a LOT of blog hopping and visiting. I don't always have time to write out comments at each one but I DO visit and enjoy read your all's stories and seeing your lovely photography and becoming inspired! Have a lovely weekend and a wonderful Halloween!

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Ashley said...

Congrats Natalie!

Tara said...


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Jamie said...

A huge congratulations!

Jamie said...

A huge congratulations!

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