This Morning's Frost.

We woke up to find all the dry, brown grass that was so deprived of water from the drought this summer was covered in frost!

It almost looked like snow when we first arose, this was a little later in the morning. Doesn't it look so 'blah' being all brown and dry? Wish we could get some more moisture...I'm sure we will soon enough!

As for now..we have COLD COLD weather to get used to for the next 3-4 months. Whoo-HOO..not..but I'm thankful for all the season God gives us, they are all special and beautiful in their own ways

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Ewa said...

oh, yes, next few months is going to be cold weather, but over here we are going to get more rain than snow :(

Christine said...

Thanks for your nice comments on my blog. Luckily we have no frost here in middle GA, but I am from the North so I am so used to it but I love the weather so much better in the South!

Natalie said...

Yeah! It was insanely hot and a drought in the summer then gets bitter cold and icky in the winter..seems like theres hardley even a transition from summer to winter cause its either "too hot" or too cold...very few "jusy rights"

Sheri said...

Great mind things alike! I posted a similar photo today!~

- Jessi - said...

Very cool pictures!

Natalie said...

Sheri, great minds DO think alike! After taking the photos and later when i was blog hoppin i ran into another blogger who had taken pics of the frosty grass (hers was greener tho...lol) it was maria over at flat yeast bread blog!! But we all had the same idea which is totally awesome!

And thanks so much jessi!

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