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So I was at my Pappaw's today watching my Mammaw for him while he was away. My Mammaw has huntingston disease and is immobile in a wheelchair so she needs someone to be with her when he's not around. So my little Dill and I went and kept her company. While there I had opportunity to snap some photos around his home. After I got home and did my post processing and such I went from what photos I had and chose a theme for this week...which is "Circular". Interpret this how you will, circles-something that implies a circle..like circle of life, circle of love...what have you. I cannot wait to see what you all amaze me with this week! Grab a button at the top of the blog and share the love to your followers/friends so that they can find their way back and join in the fun! Here are my interpretations:

Circular ends of the logs in my Pappaw's wood pile.

And this cute little man in this circular straw hat! (He's on my Pappaw's lawn mower!)

Now it's your turn!!

8 Lovely Reader(s) Said:

Ashley Sisk said...

Hmmmmm....I'll see what I can come up with.

Ashley Sisk said...

alright...I entered...way before the deadline even! Love your shots!

Courtney from The Story of Us said...

I LOVE this theme! Glad I entered. :D Have a nice weekend!

Hannah M said...

What a fun theme! I'm linking up this week:)

Jennifer Leigh said...

Very cool theme this week!!

And P.S...you earned a new blog follower. :)

Christine said...

i love the logs & that hat is too cute! sorry so late, have been out of town & trying to catch-up, thanks for hosting Natalie :)

Meg said...

Aw bummer! I missed it by like an hour. Haha. Didn't even notice it was so late as I was posting! Oh well. :) Here's my link if you want to see it anyways! :)


Renegades said...

Thanks for hosting. :)

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