Hello My Friends.

I am stopping in to say that I am making a second blog! (Exciting huh?!) This existing blog will be everything photography and challenges. I will use this for my entries and all that great stuff that I love doing. I am making a second blog for my more "private" things that some others need not see. So yes, it will be private BUT I do want my followers friends who enjoy reading about my milestones and other personal stories to ask to become a 'private' follower so you can still keep up with that side of me. I would love for you to stay with me as I begin that journey! You have all truly been an inspiration and helped me all along the way.

So don't despair..I am going to still be active on this one but as far as my personal things like my business progress and additions (which I have a LOT to tell about that in my first post!) you will be able to follow me and hopefully watch me grow and learn and change. Our house journey, we have found a house nearby we are in love with and you can keep following that story there and just my everyday things. So it will be a more 'wordy' blog to make sense of it all. I wont be making very many posts today or the weekend probably to be honest..I will be busy getting ready for the Christmas Sessions I have partnered with a local business to do (starting Wednesday November 10th!) So once I get it up and pretty I will start sending invites to you all and hope that you follow me there! Have a GREAT FRIDAY!

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