Auntie's Little Diva

So I know at some point I've written some posts about my niece or nephew or both and that I've mentioned that my niece, Adelyn, was born 5 days before my son Dillon. Isn't that insane!? For cousins to be born within five days of one another! I think it's crazy but so nice because now they will grow up together and maybe go to school together and have each other to protect and trust and a friend in one another. Anyways..Addy turned 2 on December 2nd and although this post is late I had full intentions on making this post..

I LOVE my niece(s) and nephew with all my heart. I want to be apart of their lives as much as possible. I want to get to know them and spoil them and love them like an Auntie should. My oldest niece Savannah has spent the night several times and went our our Black Friday adventure with us..and I used to babysit my little nephew Colton when he was a teenie little thing, and here he is four. I haven't kept Addy at all...and I really am mad at myself for that since I've kept the other two and was able to make that personal bond with them but I still think you're the sweetest most adorable little petite diva ! And someday Auntie will have you over and straighten your hair and paint your nails too!

I can't believe that you and Dillon are two. Wow. Im still in shock. Time has flown and Im sure it will continue flying without remorse to me and the effect it has on me. My fondest memory was this summer with our trips in the pool at Pappaw's house. One time I played with ya the whole time letting you stand on my knees and throwing you in the air...and when it come time to get out your Daddy took you and started climbing out and you said "NAWEE NAWEE!"...it was so sweet and special to me and a memory I will keep forever. :)

I hope that your life is wonderful and full of things you want and deserve. You're a beautiful little girl who will someday blossom into a beautiful woman and I hope you finish school and never have to depend on anyone and become and powerful independent woman. But never let (true) love pass by. I am here for you...for as long as I'm alive and well, and you can come to me with anything.

You deserve the best and you will have it I'm sure! I hope your birthday was wonderful little sweetheart and Auntie and Uncle Jon and cousin Dill loves you with ALL OUR HEARTS and don't you ever forget it.

addy at sue and jims
addy and colton-craker barrell
addy at cruise in

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Shari said...

aWWW She is a cutie! Happy Birthday!

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