Birthday Party Extravaganza!!

So today was the day of Dillon's birthday party (his ACTUAL birthday is NOT today...it's the 7th so I'll do the mushy post then so it's official:). But the party was an absolute success and I LOVED every minute of seeing all the kids together playing and running and laughing and enjoying themselves!! It was all I wanted to see. Besides Dillon there was 7-8 kids ranging from his age up to I think 9 was the oldest girl..then my niece Savannah who is 13 :D...but anyways Dillon had a BALL playing with his cousins and friends! There were some who had to work or couldn't make it who have gifts for him but it's understandable and they are so appreciated...everyone is!!

We played pin the tail on the donkey and the 'clothespin' game (you have 30-45 seconds to drop your clothespin from belly-button height to the jar!) and they all LOVED the games...it was a madhouse with so many kids running aroudn in my parent's house, but I just love 'get-togethers' of any sort where family comes together for a short time to celebrate life, love and family!! It's so great! He got so many presents and he loved them all..played with them all and it looks like a toy store exploded in our house tonight! LOL But the fact that he had fun and enjoyed himself is all that matters to me...we had tuna and pimento cheese sandwiches with chips and a big ole Toy Story ice cream cake which there was NONE left after it was all said and done...and it was just good ole' down home fun. I'm including only a FEW photos from the festivities..I may post more later or in challenges and what not..but I hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I enjoyed being there and takin them! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY BOY!

dills bday13

dills bday7

dills bday19
Daddy and Dillon

dills bday15
Matthew, Dillon's cousin!

dills bday10
Gift table before everyone got there :-)

dills bday3
Birthday Banner!

dills bday

dills bday17
After the festivities

dills bday21
Goofin around afterwards!

dills bday26

Hope you have a great weekend! :D

3 Lovely Reader(s) Said:

Dina @ 4 Lettre Words said...

Looks like a fabulous celebration! LOVE the cake.

Shari said...

Aww!! Happy Birthday (tomorrow) Dillon!

Nice photos. Love Matthew's bokeh shot. sah-weet!!!

How do you like that Vivitar flash? I need a lager flash and I don't have $300 to shell out on the new sb 900 for Nikon.

Natalie said...

Thanks Dina! The cake tasted as good as it looked!

And thanks Shari!!! Yes ma'am I do love my flash :) im still learning how to use it but it really lives up to the price I paid for it (which was like $98) so it does a good lot!! And I hear ya about not having the money to shell out..this business can get expensive!! But most things are well worth it :)

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