Touch up Tuesday
before shot
ISO 100
Shutter 1/.6s (not sure if thats exact lol)
Aperature 1.8
Didn't adjust alot, Used selective coloring to darken the neutrals and blacks and to make the yellows/reds in the 'light' more richer. :)

Perceptive Perspective: Charity
Sant pics/WTTL2
So this past Saturday I and a local shop held "Pictures with Santa" for the WTTL Toys for Tots drive. The shop was also a 'drop-off' location for WTTL and in total we ended up raising 220 toys!! WOW! Isn't that just wonderful! So many kids that would not have had a Christmas now has something of their own! That made my heart feel so special. Wish I could see every little face that received one!
santa pics/WTTL
This little girl was SO NOT SHY! She jumped right up there and talked and talked to Santa! Plus, look at how cute that cheese is! Watching kids react to Santa was definitely sweet :)

3.Communal Global:Around the World
My youngest sister Emily received an early birthday present from my other younger sister and her husband. This was the reaction I captured and I was like WOW! One for the scrapbook! :) Love catching moments like this!
My paretns hang some of those giant oversized bulbs on their tree. So I had a good opportunity for a reflection shot while I was there :)
And lastly, sisterly love :-D Well, minus two sisters...the 7 year old was holding the camera taking this picture (she's pretty good eh?) and the other lives in Louisville! But I love them all! :D Happy Tuesday!

6 Lovely Reader(s) Said:

Ashley Sisk said...

I really need to try that first shot myself. I've been a bit intimidated but I really need to try it out!

Kat Sloma said...

What a GREAT idea - doing Santa photos for toys! I love the edit you did on the first one.

soniaa said...

Great job on your first shot!

Freckles & Dimples Photography said...

220 toys?? thats awesome!! great shots, too :)

Serline said...

'Tis the season to be jolly, and I am treasuring new "adventures" with little Narelle almost every day: running around with an over-sized Santa hat, singing Jingle Bells, unwrapping decorative presents ;-)

Buckeroomama said...

I had a smile on my face as I was reading this...

It's amazing that you guys were able to raise so many toys for the kids. What a wonderful way to spread the Christmas cheer. =)

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