Simply Sunday...

YAY! I am actually posting Sunday challenges ON Sunday!
I usually don't do this until Monday {hehe} so I'm happy!
Okay so on today's link-ups I'm paritcipating in Ashley's Scavenger Hunt Sunday
and The Paper's Mama's theme, "Friends"..and of course S&S!

First I'll start with my Scavenger Hunt!

There isn't a whole lot more that's better than making memories with friends! And helping your children make memories with childhood friends!

Emily's silhouette
My Mother would kill me if she saw this photo...complaining that her door was super nasty! LOL But I will say some of that is where their dog jumps up and scratches on it when she wants to come back in! But this is my younger sister Emily..and I like this photo because you can see the horizon out the door behind her with the warm yellows and oranges and I like that you can see that and it draws your eye there!

2nd old barn doorway
Big fat cheating here. You say this photo just a mere week or two ago in You Capture's theme "doorways" but I said in that post as well that I had very few doorway shots and haven't taken any since then (although I should've!) But I'm sharing it once again :D And also entering it into Paper Heart Camera's "Doorway" Theme!
Photography love...

This was also taken back in the summer.. I have NO IDEA what is in his hand..lol maybe a leaf?? But I dig his expression at himself LOL!

Jan22 day 23!
Okay it's a stretch..but this was yesterday when my husband put his full face toboggan on Dillon..and the toboggan is a grey-ish silver right?! No? Yeah..Maybe? LOL I just thought is was funny.

Now onto The Paper Mama's theme...FRIENDS
What is cuter than childhood friends?! What is more innocent?! There's nothing to fight over .. well besides toys or space. But they resolve it in less than 3 seconds. Don't you wish adult relationships were like that?! This photo signifies friendship...and I love the summer haze that casts over the photo (which yes, does indicate that I took this back in the summer!) But I still love it for whatever reason!
The Paper Mama

Now for my Scripture and Snapshot!
I felt that this verse fit well...not necessarily with the snow but the photo kinda gives that feel that the verse conveys..which is that as long as we fear the Lord that is our first step to wisdom...as He knows all and we must trust His actions and decisions in our life!

20 Lovely Reader(s) Said:

Anonymous said...

I love your photos! These are all wonderful entries :)

Our Beaten Path said...

Love the photos! I really love the one you're entering into Paper Mama's challenge. That has winner written all over it! :)

Liz said...

love these. The S&S one is very pretty.

Ashley Sisk said...

I'm loving your photos today - when did you redesign your blog? It looks awesome. Love all the SHS photos but your friends shot is beautiful. I love that beautiful glow. Love it.

Jeska said...

Really loving that doorway one! And the reflections photo is awesome!

Colleen said...

I love your "friends" shot. I can practically feel the warmth from it. (Or at least I really, really wish I could. It's cold out!)

Eboix said...

That memories shot is so sweet!

Seizing My Day said...

that reflection shot is so clear!! ;) It looks like the leaf is in the water and a rock or piece of a tree in his hand?? =) my guess anyway... ha ha! love the friendship pic at the end!!

Kindred Spirit said...

What great moments you've captured...I adore you *reflection* shot! Have a great week :)

love and life ♥ said...

These are all so beautiful! Love the scripture, silver & friends shots!! Amazing! xx

julie said...

Great interpretations! LOVE the reflection & doorway shots especially!

Michelle said...

Wow! These are all wonderful!! I can't pick a fav!

Great verse for s&s -- if only more people would fear the Lord....

Buckeroomama said...

Fantastic photos! Your reflection shot just blew me away. :)

Mandy said...

I love ALL of these!!! Especially your 'doorway' shot!!

Shari said...

OH dear! That silhouette photo of your sister (against your mommas dirty door LOL LOL LOL) OH is to die for!.. That sunset rocks. The angle of the photo is perfect. Oh.. I am so jealous! LOVE!!

PS - I did a photo shoot this weekend and I took some shot in frount of a glass door.. and it was filty (Your moms is not that bad). Ha. If you are feeling froggy it is the last photo that I have posted over on Facebook. You really can't tell it is dirty... can you? LOL

The Clip Cafe said...

Nicely done Natalie again :o)

Christine said...

Hi, Natalie, I like the photo and verse. I can almost see a heart in the snow-filled twigs; it fits well.


Katie said...

What a great verse! And you're right - just as many plants trust that they will grow again in the spring, so we must trust in the Lord to renew us!

Susan said...

Great word and what a gorgeous picture.

Warren Baldwin said...

Great scripture-picture

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