You Capture: Happy!

What makes you happy?
The default answer is your husband/kids/family.
Don't get me wrong, my hubby and son make me EXTREMELY HAPPY!
I'm a lucky girl to have them.
But, I must say God is my happiness.
Believing in Him and His blessings upon me makes me happy.
Having faith in something bigger than me, than all of us, makes me ecstatic.
God has -Never- failed me.
He has answered many prayers.
Plus, He works miracles.
What's not to be happy about?!
But since I don't have a photo of God,
I will share some of the things He has made, and given me.
He has given me this man who makes me smile like a little school girl still..he's my other/better half. I love him more everyday! The little one is my pride and joy. He looks like Daddy and acts like Mommy. He is the greatest gift I've ever been given!

Snow "fall"
Even though you've been hearing me whine and complain in nearly every post about the snow we've been getting...yesterday I would've taken it all back. We went on a little nature/photo walk and I was in awe at God's beauty surrounding us. It was beatiful.

Animals make me happy. I've always loved animals. we always had some kind of animal when I was little. Horses, pigs, chickens, dogs, cats..you name it! This is my neighbor's dog, they got him the same time I got my beloved rat terrier, Russell, who passed away about 3 years ago! He lived 11 long happy years though! So that makes this guy about 14! Wowza.

Before and After
ISO 100

Orange-y Leaves!
Edited in CS5

28 Lovely Reader(s) Said:

love and life ♥ said...

These are amazing shots! I love the first one & what you said about your love =) awwww xx

The Clip Cafe said...

Snow never ceases to fascinate me (probably as i don't see as much of it as you!!) It's just always so pretty! Your shots are TOPS again :-) I joined in pixel perfect (first time) this week too.

Katherine said...

Love all of these snow pics- awesome! The shot of your baby and hubby is great and I love those brown puppy dog eyes :)

Mom of M&Ms said...

Loe that first shot of Hubby and child.. That will be in a frame soon, right? What a wonderful post.. and I think you did get photos of GOD!

Samantha said...

That first shot is amazing.

Shari said...

oOOOo~ I totally adore that 1st photo! I love the clarity and how nicely it stands out against the snow. Because dude.. they are in camouflage and they should blend in with their background. LOL I am just kidding.. I do love that shot.

Alita said...

Such great shots chica!

Do you adore CS5? Does it make you happy? I still have CS4 and I love it but I don't know if being out over 1k for CS5 is worth it. Let me know please. :) That would make me happy!

Tara said...

Wow! Awesome shots!!

Chic Homeschool Mama said...

Love that one of the snow falling like that- wow

Kathleen said...

What a great post, and I love, love the shot of daddy with son!

Colleen said...

Beautiful photos, especially the first two. Snow makes for a great backdrop.

Jesslyn Amber said...

Amazing photos!!! You are so talented! :)

Photo Freak said...

very pretty

Liz said...

thanks for you nice comments. I love these shots. Love the bunch of snow capture the best.

A. Rogers photo said...

Nice, clear and crisp shots. Love the bright red of the leaves in the before/after shot.

CJ said...

Love your pictures, and it is SO true what you said :) There is nothing to be happy about without God...well said.

Kara said...

i love that picture of jon & dillon! I miss you guys already and I SHOULD come see you this weekend after I get my new car if you guys aren't gonna be busy! Sean's tire got messed up and almost came off the rim so he's driving his grandpa's jeep until he gets new tires tomorrow or saturday or whenever!

alsooooo: i freaking love you guys. i wanna go on a snow walk! LOL kinda like our snow ride and all the fun we hadd... omgggg!!

i love the edit of those leaves! the colors look familiar. ;) those actions?? :D lol anywho! i still haven't upgraded my cs4 to cs5. i'm trying to make myself though!!

text me when you read this k! :)

kbreints said...

Such beautiful clarity!

Tara said...

Love these! That pup is so cute! Your photos are so sharp...great job!

jaime said...

Great photos! I love the one of your husband and son - and the dog is so sweet!

Michelle said...

Great job on all these!

I so love blogs where the wife brags on her hubby and says how much she loves them!! So much better then constant grumbles (although, I know in reality even the best of braggers have some grumbles!)

You're winter shot is beautiful! And that's one of the things that I've found joy in this winter. I may hate the snow, but at times, God can still show me his beauty and creativity!

Serline said...

Could not have said it better myself... have a blessed weekend!

Johnny Nutcase said...

sweet shots - love the look in the pups eyes! :)

BnE's Mommy said...

I love your happy shots!!!!

Mommy2Four said...

Love the shot of your hubby and son......nice edit on the leaves :)

Adventures as a Small Town Mom said...

These are amazing photos!

Jenny H said...

Great snow photos! I'm sick of the snow, too but do enjoy it's beauty.

Jennifer said...

Great shots! Beautifully done.

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