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Well wouldn't ya know that I didnt even realize that the last post I made around this time last night (early this AM) was my 500th Post!?! Yay me! There's nothing too special about it I don't guess except for I've made half a thousand posts ;-)!! Thanks to you guys who have joined me in my journey sine I started blogging in January of 2010! It's been a great year and I've met the GREATEST community of people and I can't stress that enough!

Okay onto business. I have a few questions for those of you reading along and I hope to find some answers :-). I'm in a crazy debate with myself and have been for about 4 months now (ask my husband, he's so tired of hearing it!) I've probably mentioned before that I have a Sony A230 and it's what I use to shoot all the photos that are posted here. I've been in a huge debate about upgrading sometime in the (hopefully) very near future. I however have no clue what I should upgrade to! My first camera was a Canon Powershot 10 MP point and shoot my husband got me for Christmas in '08. So naturally my goal when I upgraded to a DSLR was to get another Canon..but when I made it to the store, they were all sold out. So me and my extreme impatient-ness bought the only DSLR that they DID have in stock, my Sony A230!

Now it's been a great camera and I've learned EVERYTHING that I know and apply now with it. It takes wonderful photos but I feel like with my business taking off and growing I need a more 'advanced' DSLR. Here's the problem, I REALLY would like a Canon...but that means scrapping ALL my Sony supplies/accessories and starting over collecting lenses and other necessities for a Canon. My plan is to sell the Sony and all it's 'extras' and put my earnings towards a Canon (I'm looking at 40D/50D but would prefer a 40D alhtough they are discontinued!). But like I just mentioned, that means I must also buy a flash..lenses down the line and so on. My OTHER option is to sell my Sony body and the kit lens (18-55) and upgrade to a "better" Sony body. I've looked at the A580 and A55 but really am clueless on what the differences are and what they're capable of since Sony isn't exactly as "big" as Canon or Nikon.

So my questions are these; (In YOUR honest opinions) should I sell it all and upgrade to a better known brand with more lens options ..etc? OR should I keep what I've got and upgrade Sony bodies? What would you do? ALSO if anyone out there has a Sony A580 or ANY Sony for that matter PLEASE leave a link to your blog/website so I can check out your images?? That goes for Canon 40D users too! Lastly, if there's anyone out there that would be interested in buying my Sony/all accessories or just the body/kit lens whenever I decide what I'll do please don't hesitate to inquire! Just scroll up to right under my header and click the 'cloud' that says "CONTACT" and shoot me an email!

Most Importantly If there's anyone out there with a Canon 40D up for sale (I'd prefer at least one lens to go with it) OR a "more advaced" sony body please let me know! I'd like to see what you're asking and even in you'd like to trade?? Thanks guys for reading this far and to those who leave feedback I'll be SOOO greatful!

**OH!**Last thing I PROMISE. Any suggestions on any online electronics stores that sell cameras and more preferrably sell them on credit or do a buy now/pay later deal? Thanks!


Now for my Wednesday link-ups!
So if you haven't heard it snowed yet again here day before yesterday. A whopping SIX INCHES! It's still lingering and all I can say is *Snow! You make me GAG!* I really am tired of whining about snow..so it's just best it pack up and leave and let spring take over...the groundhog lied.
So I had to run out to town today to get a few grocery necessites and I went alone which is so odd since my boys are usually always with me. But since wild man was due for a nap the hubster decided to stay behind and hold down the fort while I made the run (hehe). So I grabbed my camera on my way out and snapped a couple shots out on our road as I drove out and came in then from our porch when I got home. Here are my Wednesday shots: (Which are also representations of COLD which is the theme at You Capture this week! :)
Icicles 2
The sky was a beautiful blue today!
See that little fat pudgy icicle towards the left most side of the photo? If I were an icicle, that'd be me...not conforming to the crowd! Hah! I'm on a roll tonight with the dry sarcasm ;-)
Front yard
From my front porch lookin -out- (as opposed to the Lonestar song "On my Front Porch Lookin' In :-)
our road
The road we live at the end of.
fort..well half of one
The fort my husband and brother in law started yesterday. Just like men. Start something and never finish! LOL
And lastly a vintage look brought to the sad trees across the road from us. They're tired of being 'weighed down' by snow too!

Hope you are having a happy week!
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14 Lovely Reader(s) Said:

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Beautiful winter scenes. Love the icicles/sky shots.

~Shari said...

I wish we had snow. Ours all melted. I am secretly hoping for ONE more HUGE snowfall to get some photos.

Good Luck on the camera issue. I can not help since I am a Nikon kinda gal!

Stacy Uncorked said...

Absolutely love all your shots - I'm with Shari, I'm hoping for at least one more 'good' snow so I can get some pretty snow shots! :)

If it were me, I'd lean more towards selling your old camera and getting a different one. I kept waffling between Canon and Nikon and finally decided on a Nikon D5000. I found a great package deal on Amazon with extra lenses and accessories - might be a good place to start (and you can look up your Sony camera and read reviews about it or any other ones, too). :)

WW: Reflection

Ashley Sisk said...

Love your photos today and congrats on your 500th post! I especially like your last shot. You've got a tough decision ahead of you. :)

Kristy said...

Love your winter landscapes!! Your thoughts made me laugh, I feel the same. I am not happy to be home on another unpaid snow day! For the camera I would sell the Sony and get a Canon. I've been shooting with Canons for along time and wouldn't have it any other way. I have some links on my blog to what I use if you want to check it out.
Let's hope it all melts ASAP!


Tara said...

Yay, congrats on your 501 posts!! Amazing. Love all your photos, and you make me laugh when you say snow makes you gag...cause you rock the snow photos!

You have a big decision ahead of you...that is a tough one. I would probably try to sell my Sony stuff and get Canon gear...good luck with whatever you choose!

Susan said...

I love these winter photos! Beautiful. Makes me wish for snow, all we have been getting here is rain.

julie said...

Just LOVE the last one...so so pretty :)

Tiffany said...

Gosh I'm such a BAD influence haha. I think you should get the 40d because you have always wanted a canon and its a great price with great features and you can sell all your stuff either through facebook,amazon, or ebay easily as a bundle I'm sure for as much as the camera/lens you would get. I think since you always wanted a canon then you will be regretful and want that later on and want to upgrade again but I would just see how things go and either way until later or to get one or save up unless you can pay the amount you sell yours for, but thats my honest opinionation.

Tiffany said...

Love the picture of your "road" what a peaceful place to drive home on...Thanks for all of your kind comments:) Thanks for stopping by June Makes Six!

Snowcatcher said...

Congratulations on making it to 501! You know you've beat the odds now, don't you? (I think it's something like 3/4 of all blogs die before the age of 6 months.)

I'm a Nikon fanatic, but I have many friends who wouldn't trade their Canons for the world. I have both a Canon and a Nikon old-style (film), and I started buying lenses for both as I could afford it, mostly used. When I went digital, I opted for Nikon (which always made me drool anyway) because my film lenses (except one) would work on the new camera. I had bought two digital cameras that are not DSLR, and I still have both of them, too. It's really nice to have a backup, if you can take that route. I would recommend keeping what you have and working up toward the Canon.

I got most of my lenses at a camera store near a university. Many students would turn in their equipment in exchange for season ski lift passes. Their loss, my gain!

Snowcatcher said...

PS: Your icicle shots are fabulous!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on all your posts. Great photos too.

Karli said...

Here's a perfect example of what I mean about everything being just right...your snowy trees. Colors...perfect. Processing...gorgeous. Everything pops, but nothing looks fake. Absolutely LOVELY!!! Go you!!! ♥♥

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