Week 5 of 365

I'm so proud of myself for getting this far!
I sure am glad some of the lovely blogs that are hosting weekly link-ups
are doing so because that makes me want to keep up and do my daily photo captures!
Here is my collage for this week:
29-4 collage
1-One of the couples from the two shoots I had that day!
2-A visit to my husband's Mom's house, this is Dillon and his Aunt Mandy!
3-We went riding on Daddy's Rhino as a family, this was down in the woods!
4-It rained ALL DAY this day, at the very last few minutes of the day the sun decided to show itself for a brief few moments!
5-This was a photo of me and Dillon but it he got cut out because he was like 2 feet away from me trying to avoid the photo altogether like always!
6-This was in the tub last night (night of feb. 3) my sister Brittany was here and I said "we should make a thought bubble over Dillon's head" so we used his bathtub markers to write "Just Keep Swimming" from the ever popular Disney movie "Finding Nemo"
7-Macro play! This was a macro of my round brush that I occasionally use to dry my hair with!
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17 Lovely Reader(s) Said:

Tezzie said...

Wow...what a week of photos! That sky photo is incredible :D

I've left a little award for you over at my place:

Sherrie said...

Great pictures. I like the sky one, beautiful. Have a great day!

Food for Thought

Sarah Halstead said...

These are wonderful. So adorable! I love your sky and macro photos.

Lisa said...

These are great photos! Week 5!!! Your doing awesome!!!!!!!!!

Actuary Mom said...

I like the sun finally coming out... we've had a week like that too, lots of clouds and rain.

Angee said...

Great photos. Love the sky!

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

beautiful photos. That sky shot is amazing.

kbreints said...

The sunset is so great-- and I love the Nemo reference!

creatingme said...

Love Nemo! That pic is great!

Brooke said...

Natalie - you got some awesome shots this week!! I love the hair brush one :D

deb duty said...

Glad you are keeping up with it! Your photography is wonderful. Great week of photos.

Shannon said...

Pretty couple shot!

Meg said...

Great pictures, Natalie! Thank you so much for linking up to my blog! I started the linky on my blog in hopes of inspiring others to keep up AND to inspire myself to keep up! I get more linkers every week! Thanks again! :)

Gretchen said...

Great shots... especially the sunset! Always love the peak of the sun on a dreary day! =)

Susan said...

Your photos are great! Especially like the bath picture with the Nemo quote...so cute! Looking forward to following your year :)

My Photographic Eye by Irela said...

Great job and the photos are beautiful. Love the bathtub one.... <3<3

Seizing My Day said...

beautiful sunset!! love it!

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