Country is All I'll Ever Be!

No photos tonight my dearest friends! But my husband and I found the GREATEST song (to us) EVER! He heard it several days ago on his way to work but we both heard it tonight in the car ride home...It's called "Country Boy" and it's performed by Aaron Lewis from Staind (the band frontman) and it pretty much sums us "country folk" up to a T. I hope you give it a listen...:)

3 Lovely Reader(s) Said:

Short Leg Lucy said...

GREATTT song!!!! Header question...I assume your header is flash...how did you get it to stay within the center...we got mine up about a month ago or something like that but for some reason we've just had a horrible time with it not getting centered

Tiffany said...

I heard that a few weeks back and totally forgot about it until ryan mentioned it earlier though i didnt know who sang it and everything. thats neat.

Mom of M&Ms said...

Awesome.. and this family can relate!!!

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