Which is code for AMERICAN IDOL NIGHT!! So much talent left standing...but our favorites (if you're wondering!) are Casey, Lauren, Scottie and Paul! Oh when it gets down to those four, IF it does...I'll cry to see any of them go! Totally awesome performers!!

Today was an AWESOME DAY! My Aunt from Kansas (Jane) was down today for her annual visit (sometimes she comes bi-annual but this year this may be the only time..) So we spent the day visting with her! Then I finished off the evending by planting 17 flowers and I can't wait to finish landscaping our yard! WOOT! Yay for accomplishment.

Also...I entered my link into the Quarterly Top 5 yesterday...and right off the bat was featured on Amber's facebook (from Amber's Articles)!!!! Go HERE to see the post about my post hehehehehe I was so excited :) Thanks Amber!

Okay I'm gonna include just a few photos in today's post for "You Capture" fun...
Climing trees are fun!
Sliding is fun :)
Sunflares are fun (for me anyways :D)

6 Lovely Reader(s) Said:

Tiffany said...

CASEY!!! You have my approval lol. I love the last shot and dillon! You haven't texted me back in forever so I figure u didnt want to talk :-( or something.

Michelle said...

so, I think I'm one of the only ones who really don't care about AI or who's getting kicked off or who the judges are making fun of. Never have. :) I'm not totally out of the loop, but I don't think I've ever watched a show. Maybe a min here or there (making a total of 10 or something) but not much at all. We just aren't huge tv people here, for the most part!

Yay you for being featured! You rock!

All your shots are great, love the angle on the 2nd one, the framing on the first, and girl, I'm always gonna love a good sunflare! Someone must have guided you well!! haha!

Glad you're having fun with family -- they're super important, you know!

Jill Samter Photography said...

all three shots are funn and the sunflare is BEAUTIFUL! great job :-D

Mom of M&Ms said...

breathtaking.. congrats on the feature!

Jane said...

I love that first photo, perfectly shot.

Jessica Monte said...

I'm with Jane: I love that first photo! Great dappled lighting. Perfect! And the other photographs are awesome too. You are awesome!

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