The "New" Me!

Sooooo a friend recommended me a place to go get my "hair did". Hehehe. I have been thinking about a change for a while. I have had darker hair now for about 5 years and used to be a blonde. I was born blonde as a matter of fact but my hair started turning a dark/dirty blonde at around 11. I fought it for a few years and then just went dark when I was about 16. So I am really picky/anal about blonde highlights because I want BLONDE..not yellow or brass..blonde. So I asked around my facebook and ended up picking a local salon. Great prices, great service, sweet girls!

Also I am down 5 lbs after a week of dieting...thats as of like 2-3 days ago when I weighed last. I'm proud of myself. I've been doing some pilates and a little zumba as a workout and eating less with no pop or sweets. So just yay all the way around.

Yesterday I spent most of the day with my BFF Kara! We had a "Mommy/Son lunch" at Cracker Barrell and then did some shopping at the local thrift stores and had some slushes from Sonic later! It was really fun to get out and have a Mommy day! Then today I got my hair done, felt pampered and got groceries. Now I'm waiting for my hard workin hubby to get done with yard work/mowing and we're gonna figure out something to do!

I am super oober excited to say that Chelsey at The Paper Mama picked my "Surprise" photo entry as one of her "favorites"! Thanks Chelsey! You're awesome!!

Lastly I wanna thank my dear sweet saviour for all our blessings! I am so very blessed and I just am so thankful each and every day! Great family-awesome friends-good life! Here is the iPhone pic of the NEW ME! What do ya think?!?!

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Kara said...

i had so much fun with you yesterday at CRACKLE barrell! LOL! still can't believe we checked in at someone's misspelled listing.. too funny. almost as funny as gunner throwing biscuits and spoons! aaaah!! lol

anyway :) your hair looks SO freaking cute!! sean saw it on his news feed before i saw it on mine and he was like "natalie dyed her hair." i said "does it look good?" cause i thought you just DYED it & he was like "yeah really good" and then i looked and i was like OMG!!!! it looks FAB!!! i love it on you boo! :)

annnnnywayyyy.. i had fun with you! we gotta do it again. one night we all need to grill out and have a bonfire and country music! i'm exhausted from my mini sessions today. lol not that 90+ degree weather - ugh!

Jill Samter Photography said...

love the new doo! you look beautiful! :-D

Flower Photography said...

WOW you look great!!! Last hair cut I hated but it is finally starting ti grow YAY. Very hot looking Mumma you are!

Ashley Sisk said...

I love your new look - it has so much dimension. Love it.

Michelle said...

AMEN for blessings!! Hallelujah!!

Glad you got some fun friend/mommy time.

WOW - *LOVE* the new look... rather makes me want a fresh new look too... but it ain't gonna happen. Love it!!


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