Oh Sweet Tuesday.

I found out some awesome news today! Im so excited! But I can't share anything for a while so when the time comes I'll remind you of this post and let you know what the exciting news is....HEHE!

I have some errands to run today...so I'm trying to get my link ups for the day done so I can get dressed and go. First I want everyone to remember all the families who lost loved ones an suffered other losses in Oklahoma and North Carolina in the recent tornadic and severe storms. Also keep all of us here in KY and Indiana in your prayers and other states this storm system is ravaging through currently, as we're expected to have strong/severe storms in the overnight hours tonight. Storms freak me out because we live in a mobile home, a not-so-safe place to live during bad storms and I just dislike them all together! So keep us in your thoughts and prayers and *fingers crossed* the storms weaken as they come.

Thanks so much for all the comments on my last post! I was smiling as I read through every loving sweet comment you guys left! I will do my best to return the love today sometime! I hope you all are having a great week thus far and that it only continues to be blessed!

I don't know about you but I LOVE furry faces :D

Touch Up Tuesday
Photography love...

Inside looking out :)

It is routine to plant flowers every year! These are some for this year :)

Blue Eyes, Blue Jacket, Dirty Nose :D

Thanks for stopping by friends! Lots of love to ya!♥ And thanks to the Trendy Treehouse for ♥'ing my "Bicycle" photo last week!

16 Lovely Reader(s) Said:

Christina said...

All of those are so wonderful! Love the kitty

Meg said...

I got goosebumps!!! I can't wait to hear your exciting news!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Great pictures. Love the edit!! :)

melissa said...

NEWS???? Do tell!!! You can tell me - I won't tell anyone. Hehe. Can't wait to hear it when it's time!

Such adorable photos!! The first one is so cute and the shots of your little man are TOO cute! xo

- Jessi - said...

How can you keep a secret lol. I love the cat picture, such dramatic colors. And great edit! I hope the weather isn't too bad for you all!

Ashley Sisk said...

Are you pregnant? You can't throw that out there without telling us! Love the photos.

Jamie said...

You are a total tease!

Kristy said...

Great Colorful Shots!

Dina @ 4 Lettre Words said...

Oh, yes! I love furry faces...and boys with tongues out. These are so fun, Natalie!

Ray said...

I love them all!
Your inside shot is so cute!
Thanks for linking up!

Michelle said...

Ah! You're such a tease!!! :) Glad it's good news finally, though, for you!! :)

These are all cute shots -- love the fuzzy faces, the sweet Dillon shots, the pretty bright purple flowers!


-grace said...

your cat looks almost exactly like mine!! gosh, i love looking at your photos, they are very inspiring!

Flower Photography said...

You know I am thinking baby! but will have to wait :o) I love the grubby nose! Your edits are so so great!

Bella Skye said...

Wow love the picture of your cat! Nice edit too! :)

Hollie said...

Great perspective on the cat shot!! Peeerrr-fect!

Karli said...

News? NEWS??!! OK, now gals our age can't say stuff like that or you know what we're going to start wondering!! LOL! OK, let me re-phrase. Gals YOUR age. HA HA!

I LOVE the new look of your blog..or am I just really behind? Either way, it's new to me, and it's lovely!!!! XOXO

Faith said...

Beautiful shots! LOVE the cat shot.

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