Yesterday I had put together a cookout for some family. I absolutely LOVE to entertain. I really do. Some think it's to hectic/tiring and too much chaos but I absolutely love it. The stress of getting all the food done the running ...the kids and family members sprawled everywhere, I was raised on that type of "togetherness". I want my family to feel loved and invited and happy and carefree. A day where they don't have to worry about bills and work and the day-to-day stresses of life. Plus, I love LOVE to cook. I love to grill too which is what we did yesterday!

We had over my husband's family--his Mom and siblings and my friend and her family and my parents. If I had enough time I would've asked even more to come but I put this together in about two day's time. As far as the menu goes we had grilled hamburgers/hotdogs/bratwursts. I cooked grilled corn (on the cob) and squash and steamed veggie medley and a dish from my Aunt's recipe book called "Calico Beans" and chips/dip. For dessert I had a german chocolate cake made from scratch, (my Mammaw's famous recipe) and there were cookies and fruit as well. I cooked all of it--besides the grilled food, my hubby took care of that! We said grace, enjoyed food then my husband's brother-in-law and Step Dad and my Dad broke out their instruments and played lots of great songs.

The kids played until they were worn out. My friend Kara's little boy is my little boy's best buddy and my younger sister did awesomely keeping up with them. We bought our son a little John Deere ride-on toy yesterday, we've been meaning to get it since his birthday last December but just never really thought about it. He LOVES that thing. In fact we had to pry him off of it to get him in, lol. I love family time. It's a time to live, laugh and love and be ourselves together! I hope that when we move or get a new home this year I can entertain a lot more. Our trailer is so small it's hard to hold too many gatherings often because of lack of space and landscaping. But I hope to have a great 'space' for it in the next couple years!

Okay I ramble WAYY too much before I start sharing the "goods" so I'll take one last second to say thanks to The Paper Mama Chelsey for picking my "Many" photo as her favorite from the link up last Monday! YAY!♥
Touch Up Tuesday's at the Paper Mama

It quite possibly may be time to buy a row boat in case we get flooded out? :)

I used this photo in my previous post but it fits because this little Bible has poems to sum up each story of the Bible that is easy for small children to remember!

Are you kidding? This family practically LIVES outside :)

4.Zoom! (or from a car)

I took this iPhone photo from our car on our way to a neighboring county Saturday night. This lighthouse was built by the church years ago and they recently redid it and put the word "Jesus" on each side of it....emphasizing that Jesus is our lighthouse! Leading and guiding us to comfort and safety!

Isolation can be looked at in many different ways. Some look at it as a negative thing others, like me, LOVE living somewhere that is in a sense isolated from the rest of the world. Growing up and living in the country has been a blessing for me and my family!

Happy Monday; Sports
I was a HUGE tomboy growing up..well that's a lie. I still am! HEHE! But I played ABA basketball for three years and LOVED playing baseball and kickball at home with cousins and friends on weekends. I was really active growing up. I want my son to be interested in things like that as well and this year in the fall I am gonna enroll him in soccer! HE LOVES kicking his little Diego ball around the house so I figured soccer would be a good place to start. I cannot WAIT!

I {Heart} Faces; Wind
This day it was SO WINDY the bubbles "blew themselves" :))

I Heart Faces

Dillon on his new tractor! :D

Once-Paper Heart Camera
"Once" you hear him play...the stresses melt away ;) haha.
Photography love...

Monday Rewind!

Me and two of my Best Friends!♥

Project 365
week15 apr9-15
April 9-The day I got my hair done!
10-Dillon got a haircut!
11-Rainy day!
12-Went for a walk
13-Went for a ride :)
14-Mommy loves her Dillon lovins!
15-Lookin out the window :)
NapTime MomTog Project 365

Lastly but not leastly..one thing you may not know about me..is I sing. So yesterday at request I sang a few of my favorite gospels..my friend happened to pick up recording me mid-song when I was singing "One Day at a Time". If you've never heard it, take a listen. It's a powerful song that really speaks to your heart and describes the world we live in!

"One day at a time; Sweet Jesus. That's all I'm asking from you.
Just give me the strength; to do everyday-what I have to do.
Yesterday's gone, Sweet Jesus & tomorrow may NEVER be mine!
Lord help me today, show me the way...One day at a time!"

21 Lovely Reader(s) Said:

- Jessi - said...

Awe these are too cute! I love the wind and your little guy catching the football.

texas_sweetie said...

lovely pictures you have. thanks for sharing them!

check out mine too, it's cute!
Cute Yellow Plane

Christina said...

I love your "isolation" photo. And I agree, I love living in the country. I am truly thankful.

Kim, USA said...

Oh my gush your shots are so amazing!


Ashley Sisk said...

This looks like such a great time and once again, I love so many of your photos. I mean that! And you singing...love it! Reminds me of being with my inlaws with the banjo.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful photos. Love them all. Thanks for linking up with Project 365. You are amazing at singing!!

Cedar said...

These are great (and good job on your edits below). I love your time and isolation shots--I don't mind living in town, but I love being alone. Lovely shots!

Allie said...

Great photos! And nice singing! :) Thanks for linking up to Happy Monday! :)

Renegades said...

I love your outside picture.

Sheila said...

Great Pictures! I love the poetry pic!

Jamie said...

You have an AMAZING voice!

Ashley said...

all of them are so great- I love your zoom shot- very cool :)

And I really like your new blog banner! :)

Jackie said...

All of your pics are so good. I love the outside. It is awesome.

Chic Homeschool Mama said...

Absolutely love that shot of you with your friends- those are special times.

chubskulit said...

Gorgeous family!

Would be happy to have you visit the Mellow yellow at my page, thanks!

Michelle said...

This is a very bitter-sweet post for me....

First... *LOVE* the song... wow... that so touched my heart... I'm sitting here crying even... That's something I so needed to hear tonight. I hope others were touched by it as well, but even if it was only for me -- thank you!! And you sing so sweetly -- love it!! xoxo (I won't sing for you... you'll ask me to stop.. I promise... my husband does... haha)

(I'm afraid this is going to be another book comment... lol)

I love that your family all lives so close you can spend time together... I miss that so much! Every year we try to move (whether back home, or to the country)... and every year something happens to keep us here... God wants us here still, I guess... He's not ready for me to move, but I am... maybe that's why I'm still here... hehe! Dinner sure sounds good, when you cooking for me??? lol! j/k! I'd help! And how fun that you all sang and played music together! Ah... man... you're making me homesick (just a few more days, though, and I'll be back w/ my folks for the weekend!).

hehe... yes, it is about *time* to get a boat! I'll pray that you all stay safe and the creeks/rivers/water won't rise anymore!

Love the light tower -- shout it out: JESUS!!

I so miss the "isolation" of the country... someday, Lord Jesus, please???

hehe. Hope you instill some fun activities in that boy! :) They need to keep occupied to keep out of trouble!

What a fun bubble shot! And I adore Dillon's tractor! Well, Dillon on his tractor!

You're family (at least in pics) are wonderful!! Thanks so much for "inviting" us in!

Glad you have friends you can hang out with! Looks like you all do have a great time together!

Ah, your 365 shots always make me want to start one... what a great treasure! But I know if I do, I'll hate photography... I've done it before... 2x!

Ok, I think that's it. Hope you have a great week, sweet friend!

Serline said...

I came for Scavenger Hunt Sunday, but I fell in love with your Wind shot ;-) By the way, do you have the ISBN of that little Bible? We have exhausted the First Step Bible for my little Narelle but not ready to move on to the real thing yet.

Courtney said...

Girl, when I get back to KY we're gonna have to get together and sing us a little ditty together. ;) GREAT shots - I loved looking at each and everyone. What a great weekend, Natalie!!! Us KY girls know how to do it up right!

Tara said...

Love these Natalie! You always look like you are having such a great time...love that!! Love your song and your voice too :)

Courtney said...

those are all really great pictures, i love your idea on "once"

My Photographic Eye by Irela said...

Natalie...where do I start? Ahhhhhhhhhh-mazing shots!! Love the Lighthouse (Zoom) photo). Totally in love with that one. The Poetry and Outside are awesome. But mostly...girl you have a voice! Love Love Love!!!

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