Scavenger Hunting!

Hey all! I'm back again for a quick post! I haven't taken many photos lately but I've managed to get a few in...and a LOT I haven't even shared from where I've been in and out of the blog scene. But nonetheless, I keep returning! ;)

Life has been 100 miles per hour lately! So many things happening and just fun summer times! My husband has been on 'vacation' for about three weeks now. It originally was supposed to be one but he's a miner and the mines he works at has had a problem with water on and off for a couple years. They decided to take the time while the men were on their summer vacation to pump out the lake they mine close to and while it isn't a fun thing financial-wise that it's happening, I'm just happy they're being safe.

A lot of you may not know this and right now I don't know if I've ever mentioned that I have a degree in Medical Transcription. Right out of high school in 2007 I started an at-home college course for Med Transcription. I had it done in about five months and my sweet husband paid it off month by month until it was gone♥ Anyways, I worked from home for one company from December of '07 until about July of '08 and picked up a second at home job around May of that year. I stopped in July because I was getting pretty far along in my pregnancy and wanted to enjoy my time as a first-time Mother and enjoy the last half of my pregnancy. I now feel like it's time to get back in 'the grind' and find another job from home.

Funny thing is, the companies I worked for were primarily financial transcription so it was like I wasn't even doing what I "trained" for. But the degree did help in obtaining the positions. Its really hard getting an 'at home' job with a MEDICAL transcription when you don't have ANY experience in an acute care environment (on-site). And obtaining a job locally isn't easy either since they ALSO require some years of experience. So it's either search for a company willing to take on 'newbies' or just use my transcribing experience in another form besides medical until I can. So prayers for me and my job search!

Anyways before I bore you to death I'll get on with my Scavenger Hunt items this week!

Black and White
July11 (3 of 3)
I LOVE high key black and white. So these decently exposed images made a great canvas for high key B&W I thought. Plus that little smile just blows it to a whole new level of cute!
The Paper Mama
Reflections in Glass
Another B&W shot, but it was taken TODAY and my reflection is in a glass mirror on my husband's ATV. I liked the way it turned out so there ya go!

{Insert fart noise here!} I have NO photos of headlights. BOO! But these shots were taken at a big firework show we attended this year. You could pretend it was headlights blurred into beautiful bokeh circles but really it's the city lights and fireworks ;)

Seeing Double
These shots were taken a couple weeks ago. I couldn't sleep and a lightening storm was going on so I got up and went out on our front porch to capture some strikes. Here is a double strike, so I figured this may count?

Nature is bare in a way as in there are no houses and clutter of the city around, especially out in the country where we live. This is right down the road from us, a favorite fishing hole. I took this shot today, loved the reflection of the cloud in the water and the ripple from a fish out in the middle!

So there you have it! I hope I covered the items well. I hope you all have a great weekend!

13 Lovely Reader(s) Said:

Susan said...

Nice finds. I especially like your seeing double. ~ Good luck in the job search!

Nela said...

Your bare shot looks great! Love how the scenery reflects on the water. :)

Hope you find the perfect job!

Ashley Sisk said...

1st - I'll definitely pray for your job search. 2nd - WOW. Love your lightning shot...how'd you do that? and your headlights are beautiful too. Love.

Tamar SB said...

Wow the seeing double and bare shots are unbelievable!! And best of luck with your job search!

Leslie said...

I love your lighning picture and your bare picture!! Beautiful!

Stasha said...

Loving the bare shot. Nature is wonderful. Same with the lightning...

Michelle said...

Good luck with your job search!! I'll be praying, friend!! Glad though, you were able to take the time to be home with your baby! Will be praying Hubby gets to go back to work soon, as well (safely!!)

Love your b&w! :) Ugh! I've still yet to learn how to make awesome b&w's. :) (not dependent on an action/preset! lol)

Cute little boy smile is for sure!! Hope he never grows out of it!

haha! Love your four-wheeler selfie! :) Very pretty! And not so boy-ie!

I'll pretend along with you on those headlights.... hehe

YAY YOU!! Look at that lightening shot! YOu did it!! You rock! <3 the purple-y color of the sky!

Your fav fishing hole looks beautiful!

love and hugs doll!!

Chic Homeschool Mama said...

Those last 2- A.MA.ZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cedar said...

These are lovely, lovely shots! The last one is a beautiful reflection!

Sara said...

Gorgeous B&W, such an adorable smile! Love your headlights shot too!

My Photographic Eye by Irela said...

Oh Ms Natalie! How I love your work. Your entire set is awesome but you know who steals this show for me right?? Your big boy in the B&W. So stinking cute. Good job girl.

Seizing My Day said...

I love the lightening shot... so cool... and the last shot is SO pretty!! =) I have thought about trying to get a degree in medical transcribing... so I can work from home... its that newbie thing from home that would be hard...er... risky?!! Blessings on your search! =)

Karli said...

Oohhh! Do you happen to remember how you processed that b&w of yourself - WOW! That is so cool...I love it! (Seriously scrolled back up twice to look again. Just LOVELY!) Love the fireworks and your lightning shot is awesome!

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