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Hello again friends. It's been a week since my last post and I've come to a decision that for now I will probably be doing a mere one post per week! Sad, I know, but I have good reasoning for it, family & life!♥ Sundays are less busy for us, so it'll probably the best day to take time out to post! I am so glad you all keep stopping by though, regardless of my absence and lack of comments, I managed to return a few last week and just want to say a huge THANK YOU to you all!

1.Music to my Ears
July21 (39 of 43)
This photo was taken last Thursday...My Dad was chosen to be apart of a top 11 out of 250 entries into a singer/songwriter contest a local radio station held. He was so honored and it was well deserved! We traveled down to Paris, TN to the KPAC center where he performed one song on stage in front of a panel of judges and after the 11 performed the judges tallied up scores and chose a winner and runner up. Although he didn't place it was so cool just to see him on the big stage with his guitar and a song he wrote from his heart! So yay! and that was definitely music to my ears!

July21 (21 of 43)
My husband loves this hat, seriously. He's had it for about 4 years and I've done had to sew the brim back to the rest of the hat a couple times. He got it from the first coal mines he was employed with and it says "In Memory of Sgt. Patrick Rudd" on the back. The supervisor of the mines was close friends with Sgt. Rudd's Father and had the hats made in memory of him. So it's a great hat all around!

July21 (12 of 43)
Doors are pretty clear, as long as they're clean. This one needed a little shining but was the entrance to the KPAC center (Krider Performing Arts Center).

4.Out of This World
July17 (16 of 80)-circleized
I FINALLY looked at the tutorial for this on Ashley's website. She was gonna use it at first but went a different route, so I decided I'd better try it and use it myself! I really like the way it came out!

July21 (43 of 43)
This photo was taken on our drive home from TN. It was the local Ideal gas station, I just purposely made it out of focus for some neat bokeh, and in the process I got a photo that kind've reminds me of sprinkles. May be a stretch but hey, it kind of works right?! LOL

The Paper Mama; Summertime
July17 (75 of 80)
Can you not tell it's summertime?! The sweatyness, oh and plus he's playin the tambourine with his leg! How talented! HAHA!
The Paper Mama

Hope you all have been enjoying your summer!

6 Lovely Reader(s) Said:

Patrice said...

Love your photos - especially out of this world! Visiting from Ramblings and Photos...

Ashley Sisk said...

I completely understand your decision to cut back...family and LIFE is important. Great photos today!

Casey Martinez said...

I just wanna say that I am a huge advocate of backing off from the blogging in order to spend more quality time with the fam. I used to blog every night but, now I'm lucky if I get around to it 2-3 times a week and I think this is better. Good for you friend and GREAT pictures!

Valeria said...

Great work. I especially love sprinkles

Karli said...

WOW...are you serious?! MAJOR congrats to your dad - that's amazing! He must be so talented...what an honor! GREAT pics as always, and your lil' guy is getting so big! LOVE the leg/tambourine shot - ha! ♥

Michelle said...

As long as you still stay in touch {with me} (not necessarily though the blog world) I totally agree with your decision: family and friends definitely come first!! While I've missed your posts, I do try to follow along on flickr and/or fb so I don't start thinking you've fallen off one of those cliffs! :) And I've fallen into a similar boat: I'm not commenting or visiting as much -- just too many other summer activities... :)

1 - yay for your daddy!!!
2 - hehe. love his look -- and I'm so laughing and so thankful I'm not the only wife patching together clothes/hats for hubbies... but zippers are my least favorite... no wait, maybe redoing pockets... ick for both!

3 - sorry, nothing comes to mind. lol! my mind is clear. (doh!)

4 - that is too cool! I'm gonna need to try that someday...

5 - your sprinkles are lovely.

Looks like boy's got some musical talent too... maybe... lol!


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