Wandering This World--With Zander.

Hey All!
I have some exciting news everyone! Zander just made his week long visit with us here in Kentucky! He enjoyed his stay so much! He ate SOO much Halloween Candy since he was here during Halloween.

The day he arrived it was cold and raining, the seasons are making their transitions right now and it's no fun. The first trip we made out was to our local hardware store, Zander came along for the ride along. The next trip we had made was to my husband's mother's home in a little place called Kirkwood Springs, about a 45 minute drive from our home. While there he was a great playmate for my son and his cousins. He saw lots of fall leaves, many fantastic people and enjoyed time outside!

On Halloween night he stayed in for fear of being lost since it's getting dark so early! But he sure loved the bucket of candy that Dillon brought home! Here are a few of the photos we got while he was here!
These few photos were of Zander hanging out at Kirkwood Springs :)
See his smile of enjoyment!?
Yeah, hanging on a lamp!

Now here's some of Zander being stingy with the candy!
Dillon (my son) thought he'd like a sucker ;)
But he tucked it behind his ear for later :)

This was the last day Zander was with us;
He was a great model for the camera!
He decided I'd look better without makeup ;)
Pullin a silly face!
He was so much fun!

Now he's on his way to Jennifer in WI. I hope she enjoys him as much as we did! I was so glad to be able to be apart of this project! :-)

1 Lovely Reader(s) Said:

Michelle said...

Hey girlie! Looks like you all had fun with zander! But man, you spoiled him with all that candy!

Have a great weekend!

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