Memories, Dreams and Reflections 2011

Wow. It has been centuries since I have even adventured to blogger to even take a look around! I believe at some point mid-year last year I said I was going to take a break from the blog world in order to spend more time with my family and that I did! I down right 'stopped', there was no break to it. But I don't regret it and I have enjoyed my year for the most part, there were rough patches as with any year but we have made it through!

Enough of that, save the personal details for another post, another time. But here we go, can't promise a photo for every prompt or that fits but I'll do my best!

This was one of my favorite images from the year of me. In mid-summer at the lake, fishing. It was taken in the mirror of my husband's ATV. Missing that weather right about now!

2.I Love You.
I caught this candid moment between my husband and son this summer, swimming in my husband's Mom's pond. I love this photo-it says so much about the relationship between my husband and our son. And of course, I love them!

3.Still Laughing
Instead of choosing a "moment" that made me laugh, I chose a person who ALWAYS laughs, and is still laughing. I love him-he is a happy little boy.

4.Winter Wonderland
Since we had no snow in the latter part of this year I had to dig back to February of 2011. Here in KY our snow seems to come more so in January/February instead of December, like we'd like (for Christmas;).

No cake or candles, but I was AWESOME for my husband's birthday this year...I usually can't figure out what he wants let alone make it a surprise. This year I secretly went out and got him the Crickett .22 rifle (supposed to be a "1st Rifle") but are great for small game and other use for adults. I wouldn't buy my kid a "real" gun anyways lol! But he LOVED it.

July17 (29 of 80)
Not me and my friends but my husband on the left with Dillon (our son), my cousin, Curtis or "Bubba" as we like to call him, and my Dad. They are all good friends. :)

7.I Was Inspired
More "I Am Beautiful"
By this project hosted by Jill Samter, to love myself...and that I did!

8.Spring Fever
You know spring is near when this type of cherry tree (in my parent's yard) blooms. It is beautiful!

9.Travel or Vacation
We went to Guntown Mountain and Mammoth Cave this year-not really "vacations" but fun trips made in a day! This was taken at Nolon Dam on our way to Mammoth Cave. We plan on planning our first "REAL" vacation to the Smoky Mountains in Gatlinburg, TN this year for my husband's Christmas vacation. I can't wait!

10.Summer Days
This was Father's Day this year. Nothing says 'summer' more than a Popsicle on Daddy's lap! :)

11.A Day in my Life
My life revolves around this little man and making him happy. He is full of energy but I try and make sure to incorporate fun projects and time with him. This was our pumpkin painting for Halloween this year!

12.All Smiles
This if from a shoot I did this year. One of my favorite shots, I love his tack sharp eyes and little grin. I had to include something of that sort in here.

13.Autumn Harvest
We built our first scarecrow this year. (This is my youngest sister, Emily)..and all those crisp autumn leaves sure do fit well!

14.Family or Home
we are family!
Everything about this photo's settings, sharpness, focus is incorrect. But I couldn't delete. I love our smiles, I love Dillon's look at his Daddy. This says family to me.

Birth=Celebration! This is my best friend, waiting to deliver her daughter June this year.

16.Let's Do it Again!
This fishy family loves water, and anything to do with swimming. So I know we will do this again and again!

17.I Miss You
My sisters!
The girl in the middle is my oldest sister, she moved away (3 hours away) over a year ago, we don't see her as much but it was for a great reason and she is doing the best she's ever done, in fact getting married this April! But I still miss her!

I posted the story behind my Grandpa and Grandma this year sometime. To shorten it and refresh, she has a debilitating disease that has left her in a vegetable state and he has devoted his days to taking care of her, after raising 8 kids he had fed her, changed her, bathed her, lifted her in and out of bed-chairs-vehicles for a good 10 years now. That-to me-is beautiful love.

19.Dress Up
This isn't anyone dressed up, but I threw in something Halloween related, so these are our carved pumpkins from Halloween. My husband carved the first (Grim Reaper), my son's is the second, (also carved by my husband), and the last is mine...Jack Skellington from Nightmare Before Christmas! :)

My newest project
Has to be my favorite, water drops on a CD :)

Roman Candles being shot on 4th of July, I loves the light trail!

22.My Favorite
August13-17 (19 of 36)
Ah, the moon shot. This is my absolute favorite. I love shooting the moon.

23.Don't Ever Change
August13-17 (16 of 36)
My son is the apple of our eye. He makes everything funnier, better and brighter. This is him, working on his Uncle's Jeep, I know he'll be able to do anything he sets his mind to, and I want to be there to support him all the way!

24.Just Because...So There!
Wowza, this is the Pinnacle building in Nashville, TN. I took this photo walking out of a parking garage, and edited it in Topaz I believe during my trail. I love the reflections!

25.Hopes and Dreams
We have so many hopes and dreams for the year, that's why the "New Year" is so great! You get a fresh start, new outlook, WHOLE ENTIRE New Year to try and achieve those goals and dreams. My resolution wasn't to loose weight (can't because I'm 17 week pregnant anyways;) or stop this or do that, it was to be as optimistic as possible. See the good in all situations and make the best of them. We have a lot of goals for the year, some including purchasing our first home (we've been talking about doing this for two years), getting a second vehicle, delivering a healthy baby and going on our first 'real' family vacation. I realize that things will go as God plans and I'm fully ready for all the plans He has in store for us, as I always pray for his guidance. I hope you all have dreams, goals and aspirations for the year too! I ask for prayers for me and my family for a healthy pregnancy (for Momma AND baby;) and for this New Year! HAPPY 2012~!!!!!

5 Lovely Reader(s) Said:

My Captivating Images said...

Nice post! Enjoyed getting to know you. I love, love, love your beautiful photo! Also, contrary to popular belief not every good photo is in perfect focus. :) I know it bugs me to though when there is one I love that's fuzzy. I hope you have a great pregnancy and welcome back to the blogging world!

Anne U said...

Beautiful photos, my fave is macro. Happy new year!

Shari said...

*Waves* I have missed your posts. I am glad to see this great post. I miss you.

Jeska said...

Bunch of great photos. I love the one of him in the water, and the macro is awesommmee!

Ashley Sisk said...

What a great year and you have so much to look forward to in 2012 - that baby of course. I still love the CD shot.

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