Top 11 of '11!

Oh gosh! How hard is it to choose 11 images from the ENTIRE YEAR?!?! Unbelievably! Anyways, I've tried my best, and here we go! (I'm starting from the earliest part of the year to the end ;)

Hardy Har Har
I love this photo, He loves bath time, always has. I was using my external flash here when I still had my Sony a230 (now have Canon 40D)..and I loved this capture!

Love this angle, and the fact he has spider monkey eyelashes. I envy them, my husband and son have the most thick, dark, beautiful eyelashes. You can barley see mine!

Playing on Momm'as bed. He is such a joy-filled playful little fella! Always willing to crack a smile for Mom!

I cut his hair for the first time! Seems like my first time was great, I kind've got worse as I redid it, I don't know HOW you do that. But I LOVE this smirk he gave me on a rainy day.

Dandelion wishes. He loves these things, so naturally to capture him blowing them away was like the greatest thing!

june 7(2 of 11)
He's a swimmer, and a messy boy! So this is his natural habitat during summer! By the pool!

And again! Except this time he's in a pond with Daddy! I love that he's upside down and still cracking a little grin!

July27 (8 of 36)
This makes me smile ear to ear. Looking over Daddy's shoulder! Look at the grin! How can you not scream ADORBS! ;)

Humoring Mommy when I say up an inside scene when the weather got nippy. He wanted to be a musician this day, so we had a photoshoot with guitars and harmonicas!

Looks like he's deep in exploration! I love the processing I chose here, and the whole composition!

I believe he was watching a helicopter, and I love the look on his face. Kids are just so explorative!

There, think I'm done! Next year there will be a new addition to include! :)
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6 Lovely Reader(s) Said:

nana_ang_poppaphil said...

This is such a great series of shots, I love the one you took of your little boy in the tree.

Well done..

Melanie said...

These are just beautiful, & your son is A-dorable as well! I really love your composition!

Sarah said...

Such awesome shots. He is so cute. I still love that first one and the last one is so great. I LOVE your new blog design.

Susan said...

These are all amazing shots, your son is adorable. I LOVE the one of him looking over Daddy's shoulder, and the one where he's exploring.

Cedar said...

Really adorable shots! He has beautiful eyes!

Amber said...


So glad you linked up with us again. It is wonderful to read of his fun personality and to see his joy filled expression in so many of the photos.

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