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It is not my forte to talk about politics much or debate it on social media. But I figured since I got some good pictures to go with it I'd express my opinion and use my first Amendment ;). I'll come right out and say I'm absolutely 100% anti-Obama, always have been and always will be.
Sorry if I just stepped on a few toes but again, I am entitled to my opinion.

I was raised a tomboy, that's not hard to see within about five minutes of meeting me. I've never been a girly-girl. I dress up now and then but I look like a fool in heels, a dress or with a bunch of jewelry on. I don't know why, but I look my best (to myself) if I am all jeans, T-shirt and some work boots with my hair thrown up. It's comfortable and what I like best.

That being said I was raised with three sisters--only one really didnt take much of an interest in the outdoor-sy stuff. So it's a way of life I guess. I hunted, fished, rode ATVs...you name it. Guess that's one of the main things that attracted my husband to me ;D. Don't get me wrong I'm not 'overboard' "redneck"...like they try and portray on TV where people act absolutely retarded...because trust me, it annoys me too. Just your regular backwoods girl livin' her love song.

Anywho, onto the point. I was raised with guns, so you'd instantly be right in guessing I am outrageously against gun bans or restrictions. This basically sums up how I feel about it:
Why disarm good, innocent people??? And before you jump the gun (no pun intended) and say 'Hey! Obama isn't taking YOUR guns/all guns!'...this is just the start of what I think may lead to that. Not a conspiracy theorist or paranoid person...just have that feeling. Guns don't kill people, PEOPLE kill people. I've always believed in that. Also making it harder for citizens to purchase guns won't help, criminals aren't going to try and buy a gun the LEGAL way anyways. They'd just as soon steal one or get one on the black market. Use your brain people! Evil knows no boundaries!

I've shot and handled nearly every gun there is. Shotgun, Rifles, Muzzleloaders...handguns. Just about a week ago my husband took the Concealed Carry class together and I'm happy to say we passed! Awaiting our permit/license so we can legally carry a concealed weapon. We like most Americans have been investing in guns and ammo, we're not out of our minds and buying AR's or crap loads of bullets but stocking up a little bit 'just in case'. Ya never know.

I stand by our constitution and everything it stands for. It's what our country was founded on. It does not need to be re-interpreted. It worked and helped make our country the BEST on earth at one time, so now is not the time to blame IT for OUR faults. We have taken God out of everything, from schools to courthouses. Banned prayer from public establishments. It sickens me to even type that. Shame on us. Now we're getting our defense taken away-slowly, but surely. Now's the time to fall to our knees and beg God for mercy. Any atheists or non-believers out there,, I'm NOT sorry for posting this for you to see. Nor will I ever be.

IN GOD WE TRUST. GOD, GUTS, GUNS. Call me what you will, but I call it my way. My baby right now is a pistol my husband got me for my birthday, Walther P22 Semi-Automatic. It's a pink 'camo' in color, I love shooting it. We are about to have a .38 special soon on top of several other guns. You can never have too many in my opinion. Here are some up close detailed shots of my beauty. I hope I didn't offend anyone with my post, because I read just the opposite on a daily basis and have always been respectful. Just feel like it was a rant I needed to get out! Enjoy my shots! :D






Once we have our next one(s) in possession you'll be introduced. I love them. And we are very responsible with them...Hope you enjoyed!

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Jaymi said...

no one's trying to ban guns or make guns illegal or take away the second amendment. but if there's a way to make gun ownership safer and reduce gun crime, then why not do it? people have to jump through more hoops to own and drive a car then to own a gun. makes no sense to me. i never understood why people for guns weren't also for gun control. don't gun owners want to make sure they can keep gun ownership safe? i never understood the argument that criminals will get guns regardless so why make them illegal. criminals get drugs regardless, should we make drugs legal? that being said, no one's trying to make guns illegal! banning military designed high powered assault rifles doesn't mean you are going to lose your right to own (other) guns. if you make them illegal, criminals may still get them, but now they can be PUNISHED for getting them. that's the difference. why make it so easy for criminals to get their murder weapons? maybe criminals will get the guns anyways, but we can make it harder. don't think its possible? take a look at japan's gun control laws. they have virtually eliminated all gun crime from their country while keeping gun ownership legal. it is possible to do.

being against gun control is like saying we might as well make drunk driving legal because alcoholics are going to do it anyways.

just my two cents, and this comment is intended with complete respect. and for the record i'm 100% FOR gun ownership and for the 2nd amendment. i just think it should be done responsibly and safely, and so far it's not. if gun owners jumping through a few extra hoops can save lives, even ONE life, isn't it worth it?

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