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So last time I posted this I shared months 1-4 of my littlest guy with you! Well obviously he's grown a bit since then and I have months 5-7 ready to share! I can't believe how outrageously fast this year has gone. It's like one minute we're in the first of a month and the next it's the last day! AH! I think every kid you add the faster it goes,, somehow. Maybe because you're so busy you don't notice how quickly time is passing.

Since it's almost February it means my little fella is almost 8 months old! Only 4 months till he's ONE! *Sigh*. His birthday falls in the summertime which is something totally new for this family! Everyone's birthday is usually in the middle of winter or late fall/early spring so it's a mystery as to what type of weather you'll have. But his falling in June I would hope we have the warm/hot weather that comes in Kentucky! So yay for an outside party for a change! We plan on having a pool party with his birthday theme being the Lorax! My older son fell in LOVE when the animated version came out last year and I was always a fan of Dr. Seuss growing up and since Dillon chose "Hot Wheels" as his birthday theme last month I decided to do the Lorax for Lawson. It's a fun, colorful birthday with a good message (because the Lorax SPEAKS FOR THE TREES!!)

I have so many plans and ideas I just wanna see it all together! We will be using a primary color scheme because there's all colors in the movie, bright and vivid. I plan making truffula trees and putting Lorax faces on a lot of things. Eek! Call me crazy but I am just ready even if it's 4 months away ;)

But right now we're focusing on his baby-hood. Seems like from 5-7 months he learned everything. Started crawling right after turning 6 months...got his first tooth on Christmas day. He now has the tooth next to that one! He can pull up and walk down furniture and is standing in his crib waiting for me in the morning or after naps. He wants to walk so bad and almost lets go while standing. SLOW DOWN BABY BOY!!! He see's big brother doing all the cool stuff and he wants so badly to join him. He is such a blessing and an overall happy baby most of the time. People who's babysat him says he only whines for a bottle or when he's tired. He can entertain himself very well and loves to play with brother as long he's gentle. He finally started taking good naps. He usually takes two 1.5 hour ones per day on a good day.

He is very vocal and lately has been whimpering like a puppy dog, I have no idea where he got it because we don't even have one. But he'll crawl around and whimper, it's so funny. He loves saying Da-Da and is a major Daddy's boy. He says "buh-buh" (Bubba) and says "Ma" and Hey/Hi. If you're around him for 2 minutes your world is instantly brighter! People tell me more and more he's identical to our first born and that I should start marking photos because in 30 years I won't be able to tell baby photos apart! I believe it too because he is the carbon copy of his brother when he was a baby! Except he has blonde hair and Dillon had more of a dirty blonde/light brown hair color.

I am very proud to be both their Moms and share in their lives everyday! Here is his 5-7 month photos! :D

IMG_9306 monthly

IMG_0343 text

IMG_0545 copy 2

PS-Before I go from this post, here's is the sample invitation for his party! (I love to draw and design in photoshop, specially when I'm bored). The date/times are just random of course!

Lawsons Invite

Hope you enjoyed my post!

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Such a cutie.

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great post... love the milestone with the photos...

and are you interested in custom card work for my clients in the Fall?

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