This Year has Flown!

This year has FLOWN by!! Does anyone realize that it's almost NOVEMBER!!? I can't believe that it's almost 2014, and I will have a 5 year old and 1.5 year old in December! It's unreal!

This year has been great though, nonetheless! We'll have lived in our new home for 2 years this coming March and managed to do a little landscaping in the front yard this year! We have a LOT of landscaping left to do, but I guess plenty of time to do it right?! I love being able to make something our own.

We bought a new four wheeler this year, which brought back a lot of old memories for me when Jon and I dated we used to live on a four wheeler...I love our rhino, the convenience, room, safety....warmth in the colder months, but sometimes you can't beat an old four wheeler and the closeness of having to hang on to your fella :). Our rhino broke down in March this year, and after that it sat in our garage collecting dust for 7 months! I can't stand paying for something that isn't working. Finally we broke down and ultimately ending up replacing the belt, clutch, clutch cover and sheave plate...basically rebuilding the belt system. It wasn't cheap, but it's finally running like a champ again and I pray it has no other problems for a while.

Lawson celebrated his first birthday in June and Dillon will be celebrating his 5th birthday in a little over a month. I cannot believe he will be FIVE! Next year he will be in kindergarten full time, and I know it's gonna kill my soul after spending nearly 6 years at home with him everyday...but they gotta go to school sometime and he's pretty excited about it. His birthday theme this year (as long as it doesn't change) is Duck Dynasty. So basically a lot of camo and duck/buck stuff! I thought it suited him perfectly as he loves to play with toy guns and fake hunt with his Pappaw. I have lots of cute little ideas and when he gets his birthday present he's gonna be the happiest little boy in the world! I love doing things for our kids. I love going broke for them and spending all the money we have on THEM. Jon and I can't bring ourselves to do that with things we want, but we can do it for the kids any day. They aren't spoiled by no means....but they're well taken care of and it makes us happy to see them happy!

Winter is approaching quickly and I don't look forward to the cold months. It's already been cold a few days since fall has began, since here in Kentucky the weather is bi polar. I'll miss going riding as much, and of course being able to go out without dressing in 10 layers of clothes. It's also sick season and my kiddos have barely had a sniffle this year besides Lawson and his teething issues, but the first couple weeks of chilly air here and they both have had snotty noses for a few days now. Boo! Cold weather go away fast please!

Jon and I have had yet another great year! In July next year it'll make 11 years together...and it's been a wonderful 11 years. Can't believe we'll be celebrating our 7th anniversary either! It's so easy with him it just doesn't seem like it's been that long. I have seen so many couples splitting up and divorcing lately it's kinda making me sad! I wonder what ever happened to working it out and making it work or at least trying?! I also wonder what happened in their relationships to cause them to go their separate ways. I couldn't imagine not having Jon in my life anymore. I truly would be lost! I pray nightly for our relationship to be strong and withstand tests and for us to tolerate each other's faults and weaknesses. He is happy, I am happy...even on days we bite each other's heads off, we end on a happy note, or TRY!

I've been able to take some pictures lately. By pictures I mean photograph people outside of my little family of 4. It's been nice since it's been entirely too long since I've done that, I did miss it but can't take on tons with the kids being so young and still at home. Maybe when Lawson is older and easier to handle I can do a little more. But for now I'm just taking it slow and enjoying my time as a Mommy and Wife first and foremost.

I have made new friends this year and strengthened old relationships. Learned how to grow up and overlook drama and ignore silly things that may have pushed me overboard before. I'm almost 25 and ain't got time for that. Haha! I love all my friends, old and new, no matter the situation. I'm so glad to have a good handful of people I can trust and turn to who understand me and take the time to listen and be there but also understand me and my personality. I'm not your average woman, my closest friends who've known me most of my life know that I grew up around guys (cousins mostly) and somehow the 'guy personality' rubbed off on me. I'm kinda emotionless at times...laid back, don't care..etc. It gets misinterpreted as being shady or not caring but it's just how I am! Take it--Leave it, I was just born this way! LOL. But I don't have to worry about that because like I said, people who have stuck around to know me know how I am, so no worries.

This post has been nothing but random snippets of my life this year, and I'm sure I'll do it again closer to New Years, but waking up and realizing just how close to the year's end we are, made me think OMG! It's almost 2014! So I felt I needed to write, not to mention it's all cloudy and foggy and yucky out which switches my motivation OFF. HAHA! I have a "new" photography blog, I've yet to post in it. I am going to try to work on it next! The website is www.nataliefranklinphotography.blogspot.com if you're interested in stopping by and checking it out now and then! Thanks for stopping by and reading by basically public journal! Hope you have a good day!

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