Gearing up for Potty Time!

So Dillon will be 18 months old in about five months. We went ahead and purchased him a potty which will be in our main focus around summertime this year! I am going to start introducing him to the look and workings of the potty now so that when the time comes to start using it he will be familiar with it!

He already slightly understands the concept of the big potty, he always follows me in there and if he comes in while I'm using the potty he immediately makes grunting and strainging noises because he knows why we're sitting on the potty lol. I hope that he picks up on it good and is cooperative with us. I'm not going to drag him in there and force him to sit there or anything but I'm going to make sure he knows what it's for and that he is welcome to investigate the potty's workings at any time!

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