January 10, 2010-Visiting Jon's Mom & Jim!

So it's blistering cold outside lately. Snow finally started to melt away this day, thank goodness. After eating we made our way to Jon's Mom's house to visit with her and Jim. They live out on Kirkwood Springs around Dalton. Although the house is SOOO FAR out in the middle of nowhere [like me] the property as you can imagine is beautiful. You can't help but take a great picture there!

See what i mean? It's breath taking! [Literally, between the gorgeous scenenery and the icey cold air it's breath taking!] These shots were of the lake that is located directly beside their house, it was froze over and covered in virtually untouched snow [besides the turkey and maybe a dog that scampered across].

The snow was beautiful while it lasted and gave our son his "first time in the snow" opportunity. It's the little things in life that sometimes brings us the most joy, like watching your child be in awe and amazement at just a typical weather change. Things like that make me thank God for everything he does for us all!

So you wanna know what you get when you add trying to take a picture out of your vehicle of the horizon with a camera setting that has no flash? You get what I have named "car or headlight lightning" lol. We were driving down the parkway and I wanted to take a picture of the pretty pink and blue sky so I set my camera to "sunset" and unknowing that that particular setting had the flash turned off I snapped the shot and came out with the pictures below which are awesome. Maybe not hanging in a museum great but cool to look at!

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