My Life, My Miracle, My Son

I could type all day long and pour my heart and soul out into this about my son and that still wouldn't be equivalent to what I really feel deep down inside for him. He is my utter complete miracle. He is my strength, my weakness, my happiness, my sunshine, my smile, my heart and my life. God truly blessed us with this little boy. There is no feeling like the feeling of creating a child, a gift from God Himself, with the person you love the most in your life! His arrival was long and anxiously awaited and when he got here he was more precious than I could have ever imagined.

It has been a year since that little boy came into our lives and I cannot believe it. It feels like someone hits the fast forward button on your life when you have a child because they grow up so fast that every memory and moment should be cherished and held onto so tight! I take tons of pictures and try to capture everything that is special to me! I don't know where I would be without my camera. It allows me to make a moment be still and my favorite person to photograph is my son--firsts, memories, trips and holidays! He will be 18 months old this summer and I am so anxious, I don't wanna speed the aging process but I do want to see him be able to get outside this year and run and play hard!

Dillon is up and at it all day long. He is truly his father's son! Him and Jon can't sit still at all for very long at a time. They like to be going as much as they can. He is full of energy and just now started taking what I consider a decent nap during the day and he's almost got it narrowed down to one. He's all boy and does NOT care to get dirty, in fact he loves to be dirty--he makes dirt look good! :) He is so special to us and I thank God for him daily and pray that he grows up and that God gives me guidance to raise him to be a respectable man in the future.

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