Planning in Advance-Not a Bad Thing!

Hello all! Just wanted to pop in and drop the note that I have discovered what will be my son's SECOND birthday theme. I am fully aware that his birthday is 10 months away but deciding early makes decision-making easy in the long run.

His party will be held in the Nortonville City Hall gym and will be a sports theme. I decided this because what goes better in the atmosphere of a gym than sports?! The kiddies can dress up if they like, boys would be football/sports players and girls would be cheerleaders! How awesome would that be!? The theme I like is football oriented and the prevailing color is green, which is one of my favorite colors.

This is a picture of one of the plates that would be apart of the theme. If anyone has any ideas for games or decoration that would add a unique and cool flare then just let me know! Have a wonderful day~~~

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